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Be YOU at BC

Be YOU at BC is a student-initiated, student-focused campaign that began in 2015 to celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of each individual that contributes to our Bethel community. The goal is to offer a variety of opportunities to bring your Bethel Story to the forefront of our community. Whether you are considering Bethel; currently a part of our students, faculty, and staff; or an alumni or relative; we firmly believe that being a Thresher means something different to everyone. Bethel welcomes all that join our family and invites you to...Be YOU at BC.

Be YOU at BC projects

This Room Rocks!

Bethel has three residence halls on campus. Haury Hall is currently designated for freshmen only. The experience is unique because it allows a space for everyone experiencing the wonders of college to experience it together. Voth Hall is a suite style living available to everyone except freshmen. It is our newest residence hall that boasts spacious living arrangements and lounges at the end of each wing. Warkentin Court is our mod style living in which students live with eight other of their best friends. 

This Room Rocks! allows students to showcase the amazing ways they transform a blank space into a personalized home. Students entered the contest and were asked to give our team a tour of their rooms. Each residence hall was judged separately. Our students’ creativity and resourcefulness was inspiring to witness.

November Edition

The month of November is anticipated by some, reviled by others, but known by most as No Shave November. In a quirky cultural practice, many Americans go the entire month of November without shaving. This inevitably creates some really thick facial hair. We of course could not resist the opportunity to capture it on camera. Males were asked to take a picture in the cafeteria against a backdrop. They would do so at different times throughout the month in order to track their progress. Females were given a different opportunity. Many females across the world feel the pressure to wear makeup constantly in order to fit society’s image of beauty. This idea creates an unnecessary lack of self-worth. The women at Bethel are entirely too beautiful to feel that makeup defines them. We offered them the opportunity to take a picture in the cafeteria without makeup on. Our guys can grow beards and ladies are beautiful with or without makeup. We encourage all students to be themselves and to be proud of it. 


Tattoos have not always been a common fixture on college campuses. Today, tattoos are very much a part of the lives of many students. It comes as no surprise that the tattoos we see on campus often have a deeper meaning or story behind them. This project sought to know what these stories were. As evidenced in the video, our students have unique, personal and beautiful tattoos with meanings deserving to be heard. 

Beyond Bethel

Bethel is the site of learning, community and experience that cannot be replaced. It is being at Bethel that joins people from all walks of life. Yet we understand the importance of learning, community and experience outside of our campus. In fact, we celebrate it. Students are offered opportunities every year to travel abroad with a class in, what promises to be, an unforgettable experience. Our students have great stories of trips across the globe and right down the road.  No matter where they go, Bethel students have fun, grow, and make an impact on the people they meet. 

Out of Many, One

The greatestness of our country can be summed up by it’s motto, “E Pluribus, Unum.” The idea of celebrating diversity at Bethel only seems appropriate. Students come from across the United States, from tiny high schools to gigantic ones, from different countries and religious beliefs. All of us call Bethel College home. It is under this belief that we created the project to showcase our past diversity and present unity. Truly, our diversity is our strength and our togetherness is our essence. 

Hobbies, Collections, Talents

It is amazing the hobbies, collections and talents that are amassed at a school of only about 500 students. For this project, we invited our faculty, staff and students to all join in showing off what makes them unique. We hope you will embrace the quirkiness, diversity and talents that make up our special college, too.


What makes us special here at Bethel College is our strong sense of community. We have roughly 500 students here coming from the far corners of our nation and across the globe. Despite our different cultures and hometowns, there is something that ties all Threshers together. That something is community. So we asked our Threshers to tell us what community at Bethel College meant to them. We received over 100 responses from students eager to share their perspective. Amazingly, people from completely different parts of the world identified common things about the community at Bethel College. "Home away from home," "Supporting one another" and "Feeling safe to be me" were just a few of the many responses we received.

About Bethel

As the first Mennonite college founded in North America, Bethel College celebrates a tradition of progressive Christian liberal arts education, diversity within community, and lifelong learning.