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Bethel College to hold Undergraduate Research Symposium

September 11th, 2017

NORTH NEWTON, KAN. - More than two dozen Bethel College students will present results of their research at the college's first Undergraduate Research Symposium Saturday morning, May 10 on campus. The presentations begin at 9 a.m. and are expected to run through 12:40 p.m. in Krehbiel Science Center and the Science Hall. Admission is free and open to the public. "Undergraduate research is receiving greater emphasis at many colleges and universities in the United States. This symposium should be a treat for anyone interested in learning about the kinds of research students are conducting at Bethel College," says Jon Piper, who chaired the symposium committee.

The symposium, a first for Bethel College, will showcase undergraduate research in an interdisciplinary setting. Topics of the presentations include astronomy, computer science, English, history, mathematics, Mennonite history, nursing, psychology and social work.

The student speakers were each nominated by Bethel College faculty to present the results of research completed during the current academic year. The selected presentations represent a sampling of the variety of research taking place at the college.

"This symposium is a way to bring greater attention to the fine work being done, and it's a terrific opportunity for students, faculty and others to relate across the disciplines - to hear about research outside one's own field of study. As a public forum, the symposium will allow our students to share their research with a larger audience," Piper says.

The schedule below includes location, time, presenter and title of each presentation.

Krehbiel Science Center Room 121

9:00 Laurel Martens. Edward Teller: Physicist, Poet, and Patriot. Martens is a senior history major from Henderson, Neb.

9:20 Eric Stucky. The Spirit that Destroyed Europe: Nationalism During World War I. Stucky is a sophomore history major from Moundridge.

9:40 Bradon Myers. Slav Versus Slav: A Look at Ethnic Conflict During the Last Days of Yugoslavia. Myers is a sophomore from Wichita

10:00 Jared Smith. Border Crossings: Being Mexican American in Newton, Kansas. Smith is a senior English and social work major from Newton

10:20 Stephanie Nance. Renwick School District Prevention Survey. Nance is a senior social work major from Dallas, Texas.

Krehbiel Science Center Room 16

9:00 Kristine Thimm. Emotional Responses to Music: Influence of Psycho-Acoustical Features. Thimm is a senior German and psychology major from Beatrice,Neb.

9:20 Rae ANNA Dain, David Nance, and Rachel Voth. What's In A Label? Resolving Ambiguities in Self Reports of Emotional Responses to Music. Dain is a freshman computer science and psychology major from Wichita. Nance is a freshman computer science and computer system administration major from Dallas, Texas. Voth is a freshman from Topeka.

9:40 REID KAUFMANN. Implications of Test-First Programming on Software Quality. Kaufmann is a senior computer science and music major from New Paris, Ind.

10:00 Amy Kaufman. The Piano Mover's Problem: Variations on a Theme. Kaufman is a senior mathematics major from Marion, S.D.

10:20 Emily Suter. Using Geometer's Sketchpad to tile the Poincare Disk. Suter is a senior mathematics major from Bluffton, Ohio.

Krehbiel Science Center Room 121

11:00 Sophia Muthuraj. The Furious War Between the Kingdom of This and the Kingdom of That: Da-sein in "The Waste Land" and Dictee. Muthuraj is a senior English and psychology major from Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

11:20 JENNIFER OWENS. Gender Roles in the Literature of William Blake. Owens is a senior English major from Haven.

11:40 Amy Mattson. From Santa Lucia to Tonantz'n: Progressive Identity in Sadra Cisneros' "Woman Hollering Creek." Mattson is a senior English major from Salina.

12:00 LUKE SCHMIDT. Astrometry Schmidt is a senior chemistry and physics major from Peabody.

12:20 Giovanni Garofalo. The Nuance of Spiderman: A Reflection of Our Culture. Garofalo is a sophomore psychology major from Newton.

Krehbiel Science Center Room 016

11:00 Amy Brunk, Anitra Murray, and Melissa Relf. Culture Care Theory with African American Context. Brunk is a senior nursing major from Inman. Murray is a senior nursing major from Newton. Relf is a senior nursing major from Wichita.

11:20 Cherie Blair, Lori Finkner, and Pesa Shayo. Culture Care Theory with Africans in Kansas. Blair is a senior nursing major from Newton. Finkner is a senior nursing major from LaJunta, Colo. Shayo is a senior nursing major from Wichita.

11:40 Melissa Jost and Jamie Kaminkow. Culture Care Theory with the Rural Central Kansas Amish. Jost is a fifth-year nursing major from Hillsboro. Kaminkow is a fifth-year nursing student from Moundridge.

12:00 Erin Rosfeld. Culture Care Theory with Mexicans in Rural Baja, Mexico. Rosfeld is a senior nursing major from Goessel.

12:20 Alan Stucky. Environmental Factors Influencing Mennonite Men of Draft Age During WWII, With a Case Study of Alexanderwohl Mennonite Church. Stucky is a senior Bible and religion major from Goessel.

Science Hall 203

11:00 CINDI SMITH. From the Cocoon of Marriage to Wings of Growth in Widowhood: A Descriptive Study of Women's Journeys through Grief.

11:30 Beth Howard. The Equus Beds Controversy: Urban Development vs. Rural Tradition, A Story of Water and Cultural Division in Central Kansas. Howard is a senior history and social science major from Kansas City, Kan.

12:00 Sophia Muthuraj. Providence in the Context of Hinduism: Its Use in Everyday Life. Muthuraj is a senior English and psychology major from Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

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