Area of Study:

Health & Human Performance (HHP)

Health & Human Performance (HHP), Bethel College Kansas

Nurturing Wellness, Cultivating Holistic Health

Bethel’s program is so highly regarded many school districts specifically contact us for names of potential job candidates. We have a strong reputation for teacher preparation and boast an excellent placement record.

Health & Human Performance Department has three concentrations within the HHP major: Exercise Science, Health and Fitness and Health and Physical Education Teaching

You can positively influence young people’s lives as a health and human performance education teacher or coach. By instilling healthy habits early on, you contribute to future generations’ physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Your liberal arts education will equip you with skills in critical and creative thinking, communication and collaboration.

Graduates with a health and human performance degree can pursue careers in teaching, coaching, fitness training, public health, sports administration, and other fields. The demand for professionals who can promote healthy living is increasing.

Hands-on Learning

Student teaching will involve hands-on work in real classroom settings under the guidance of experienced teachers to gain firsthand experience in lesson planning, classroom management, and student interaction.

Student Opportunities

Jumpstart your career and gain résumé-building experience.

Careers in Health and Human Performance

We will prepare you to turn knowledge into action.


Preview the classes that will allow you to take your passion for healthy living to the next level.

Area of Study Faculty:

Matthew Dorton Photo

Matthew Dorton

Assistant professor of health and human performance
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Melissa Siemens Photo

Melissa Siemens

Associate professor of health and human performance
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