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Code of Conduct

Preferred Lender Guidelines

Preferred or suggested lender lists used by Bethel will be based solely on the best interests of students and parents who may use the list and without regard to the financial interests of the college.

Lender Disclosures

All preferred or suggested lender lists maintained by Bethel will clearly and fully disclose the criteria and process used to select the lenders included on such lists. Students and parents will also be told that they have the right and ability to select a lender of their choice, regardless of whether such lender appears on Bethel’s lender list.

Revenue Sharing

Bethel will not accept anything of value from any lender in exchange for any advantage sought by the lender. Lenders will not be required or allowed to pay to be placed on Bethel’s preferred lender list.

Gifts and Trips

Bethel employees will not accept anything of more than nominal value from any lender. This includes gifts or trips of any kind.

Advisory Board Membership

Bethel employees will receive no compensation or anything of value for serving on the advisory board of any lender.

Lender Identification

No employee of any lender may work in or provide staffing in Bethel’s financial aid office. In addition, Bethel shall direct employees of lenders to clearly identify themselves as employees of the lender and to never identify themselves as Bethel employees when meeting or speaking with students or parents.

Mission Statement

Bethel College prepares students for meaningful lives of work and service through faith formation, the liberal arts, and practical experience in career pathways.