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Seek. Serve. Grow.

Even as I graduate and leave campus for the final time, I won’t stop asking myself, How can I seek, serve, and grow?
Jennifer Warkentine ’12

Common Questions about Visiting Bethel

How far in advance do I need to schedule my visit?
Because we customize each visit, we ask that you contact us 5 to 7 business days before you’d like to come. This gives our campus visit coordinator time to arrange any appointments and ensure that a tour guide is available.
What happens if I need to cancel my visit?
In the event you need to cancel your visit, please e-mail campusvisit@bethelks.edu or call the admissions office at (800) 522-1887, ext. 230.
May I bring a friend?
Yes! Many students like to schedule their visits with a friend. Please let us know in advance and have your friend’s contact information available when making the appointment.
Are parents included?
Yes! Parents often take the campus tour, go to lunch and participate in the admissions and financial aid appointments. If you are visiting overnight, we can recommend several nearby hotels for your parents and they can join you on campus the following day.
If I decide to spend the night, where will I sleep?
Bethel College has a select group of student ambassadors who host prospective students overnight. They have private rooms in the residence halls with an extra bed for you.
May I stay with my friend who is a current student?
We like you to stay with one of our student ambassadors because their rooms are equipped with an extra bed, and we know how to reach them in case of a scheduling change. However, if you would prefer to stay with another student, please let us know when you’re coming, and we’ll schedule the other components of a day visit while you’re here.
Do I need to bring money for meals?
No! Admissions will provide you with meals in our campus dining facilities while you are on campus.

Have more questions? E-mail campusvisit@bethelks.edu or call our office at (800) 522-1887 ext. 230 or (316) 284-5230. We look forward to hearing from you!