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BetheLingo is a glossary for future, new, current and past members of the Bethel College community.

If you know of a term that should be included in BetheLingo, e-mail us.


Mennonites identify with this hymn more than almost any other. It is more often referred to by its former number 606 in the old Mennonite hymn book (it is #118 in the current one) than by the actual hymn name, "Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow."

Ad Building

The Administration Building


Bethel contracts with Aladdin Food Services to provide meals in cafeteria.


The Bethel College Academy of Performing Arts, an affiliate organization that offers music and dance instruction to the Newton community, located in the basement of Memorial Hall


Bethel College Mennonite Church, located on campus (or the Bethel College Motorcycle Club)

BIFL (pronounced "biffle")

Basic Issues of Faith and Life, a required interdisciplinary course that brings together students and faculty for a common educational experience to study issues of historical, theological and contemporary significance

Book ReViews

Book ReViews is an independent bookstore in downtown Newton that sells used books.

Thresher Shop (formerly "Bookstore")

A store in Schultz Student Center where you can buy school supplies, basic toiletries, snacks and lots of Bethel gear. Also the location of Office Services (mailing, printing, copying).

Bubbert Awards

The Bubbert Awards is an annual student film festival, usually conducted in May.


Where Mojo’s Coffee Bar & Bakehouse is located in Schultz Student Center


Center for Academic Development, which provides tutoring and other academic support to students at no cost

The Caf

The cafeteria, located in Schultz Student Center


Cross-Cultural Learning, or Champions of Character Leadership

Christmas Gala

An annual event for students featuring a sit-down dinner served by faculty and staff, a jazz performance, and a reception at Goerz House (home of the college president)

The Collegian

The Bethel Collegian is the student-run newspaper.

Common Ground

Bethel’s one-of-a-kind shared educational experience that’s required of all students

Convo, Convocation

A speaker series that takes place Monday and Friday mornings, designed to build community, broaden horizons and allow for exploration of value issues. Attendance at a certain number of convos is required.

The Cow

The milk machine in the cafeteria

Cow in the library

A legendary campus prank from the early 1960s in which students managed to coax a live cow into what was then the library building (now home of Mennonite Library and Archives)

The Creek

Sand Creek, which runs through the east side of campus. Sand Creek Trail, a nature trail that’s open year-round and is a favorite of walkers and runners, follows Sand Creek.


A local doughnut shop that opens at 11:30 most nights and stays open throughout the night. This late-night study spot features cheap and tasty doughnuts.

Ethnic Mennonite foods

Among the more common foods are German (peppernuts, aka pfeffernussen) and Russian (borscht, New Year’s cookies, verenike, zwieback). All can be sampled at Fall Festival.

Fall Festival

An annual festival on campus that features music and theater performances, ethnic foods, craft vendors, alumni gatherings and homecoming athletics events. Open to the public.

Father Abraham

A song and dance traditionally performed by the Thresher football team after each home win, originally taught to the team by former assistant coach Joe Jefferson

Goerz House

Built in 1893 by David Goerz, a Bethel founder, Goerz House was the first private residence on campus. At various times, it has hosted study rooms, the college infirmary and the YMCA. One famous resident of the house was Joseph Kesselring, a New York actor and singer who was a choral instructor at Bethel from 1921-23. Many believe he modeled the set of his play, Arsenic and Old Lace, on the living room. Goerz House now serves as the home of the college president.

The Green

The open grassy area in the center of campus


Hesston-Bethel Performing Arts, an annual series held in conjunction with Hesston College

Herman Bubbert

Bethel’s ever-elusive and ageless prankster

The Hub

A lounge located in the basement of Haury Hall that features ping-pong, a pool table and TV

The Jerry Table

The stone table inscribed "Jerry," on the lawn west of Thresher Gym, was placed in memory of Bethel student Jerry Voth, who died of polio in September 1957. The table was built with funds given by Jerry's friends at Bethel.


Bethel’s FM radio station, 88.1


Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference, of which Bethel is a member along with 12 other schools


Kansas Independent College Association, of which Bethel is a member, along with 19 other private colleges

Kidron Bethel

A retirement community in North Newton


Kansas Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution, an affiliate organization of Bethel


Liberal education advisor, which every freshman is assigned for help with course selection and other issues

Life Enrichment

An educational program for senior citizens that occurs every Wednesday morning during the school year in Krehbiel Auditorium and the cafeteria

Lighting of the Green

A ritual of lighting the Advent darkness with small candles while singing Christmas hymns and carols, all in a circle around the Green


Mennonite Church USA, the national Christian denomination with which Bethel College is affiliated


Major exploration advisor, the advisor in a student’s major field

Memorial Grove

Located at the main trailhead of Sand Creek Trail, a place for small groups to meet around a fire for discussions or worship


Mennonite Library and Archives provides a large collection of books and periodicals on Mennonite history, theology and related topics. It also stores the permanent records of the college and Western District Conference of Mennonite Church USA.

The Mods

Another name for Warkentin Court, a residence hall made up of modular dwellings

Mud Slam

An annual mud volleyball tournament sponsored by the Student Alumni Association


A popular 24-hour dining and study spot in Newton is Charlie’s Restaurant, most often referred to as Newell’s, the truck stop at which Charlie’s is located.

Open Road

A men’s a cappella ensemble made up of Bethel students


Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies, part of Bethel’s general education requirements

The Plainsman, aka The Peanut Man

A tall sculpture carved out of a tree trunk by local artist John Gaeddert, at the trailhead of Sand Creek Trail near Memorial Grove

Sand Creek Community Gardens

This is a commons for the community, a place where food can be produced and shared with others. It is just on the other side of the line of trees on the north side of Memorial Grove.

Senior Seminar

An undergraduate research paper and presentation required by a number of majors

Spring Fling

A week-long event planned by Student Activities Council (SAC) that typically includes the Bubbert Awards, games on and off campus, and a dance


The official mascot of Bethel College. Read the story behind the Thresher.

Thresher Awards

Awards given to seniors who make outstanding contributions in their academic fields

ThresherConnect (JICS)

Jenzabar Internet Campus Solutions/Learning Management System, a place on the Web where students and faculty can obtain information on advising, registration, class locations, schedules, grades, syllabi, attendance, etc.

Threshpy Awards

Excellence in sports performance awards, given mostly to students


Thresher Zone, used often to create community connectedness, especially at athletics events

Trail of Two Cities

The hiking-biking trail that runs alongside Sand Creek and east of Voth Hall and the mods (past the softball field), that connects the cities of Newton and North Newton


Undergraduate Research, Internships and Creative Activity; the annual URICA Symposium in April showcases the work of students.


Synonymous with the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, an annual bluegrass event popular with Bethel students, which takes place the third weekend in September


A women’s a cappella group made up of Bethel students


A student exchange program between Bethel and Bergische-Universität-Gesamthochschule-Wuppertal in Germany


YAWP! is the online student-run creative journal, which accepts submissions from Bethel students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Mission Statement

Bethel College prepares students for meaningful lives of work and service through faith formation, the liberal arts, and practical experience in career pathways.