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…the atmosphere of Bethel is vibrant, caring and friendly. I have had the best experience here…
Claire Unruh ’12

Bethel Community Wisdom

Tricia Lopez

Teacher Education & Social Work

  • Bring at least one set of Sunday or dress clothing. Students should not miss out on a nice dinner or Christmas Gala just because they feel under-dressed.
  • The Et Cetera Thrift Shop located in downtown Newton is a great resource. They can get a warm coat at great price instead of purchase new and toting all the way to Kansas (retail stores in warmer climates do not even have winter clothing available). Then re-donate after spring term, so you do not have to pack or store home.
  • African American students — bring your hair products if you need to get your hair done. The closest hair shop is in Wichita. And ask the upperclassmen if they know of someone who can do your hair on-campus.
  • The Newton community does not have public transportation. If you need to get down town you will need to walk, borrow a bike, call a cab or ask a roommate a friend for a ride.
  • Ask a local What is the farmer wave? It is something you will want to tell your parents about.
  • The locals do say Hi!, smile and like eye to eye contact. Do not be afraid of their openness, they truly are friendly.

Jon Piper

Professor of Biology

  • Kansas has a subtle beauty that requires some time to appreciate. Get off campus and visit some of the scenic areas nearby. Take a drive along 177 through the Flint Hills, hike Horsethief Canyon at Kanopolis Lake, hike the nature trail at the Tallgrass Prairie National Monument, visit the courthouse in Cottonwood Falls, and spend some time hiking around one of the many state parks and wildlife refuges. Learn the plants, the birds, even the geology. The more you can learn about a place and its unique history, the more you will learn to appreciate it and begin to feel at home.
  • Faculty members can write much more thorough and informed letters of recommendation the better they know you. Don’t just sit quietly in the back of the classroom. Ask questions, offer comments, visit faculty in their offices and talk with them about interesting topics of mutual interest or maybe an idea you’re exploring. Engage in some intellectual exchange. If a faculty member invites you to his/her house for a social or departmental gathering, BY ALL MEANS ATTEND. Opportunities for these types of interactions outside the classroom are the main reason why you came to Bethel instead of a larger school.
  • Students have multiple commitments that compete for their time. Regard yourself as someone who is training for a profession. Which activity is most going to contribute to my development as a professional? This should help you prioritize which activities are worth your time and which are expendable.

Marcia Miller

Registrar & Liberal Education Adviser

  • If you discover you suddenly have allergies or hay fever due to now living in Kansas, Claritin and Zyrtek are over-the-counter medicines that can really help.
  • If you are moving from a long ways away, you will have the opportunity to have "host parents." This relationship with a local couple or family in the Newton area can be invaluable to having a great college experience. Students have told me that they love their host parents!
  • Ask your parents and family to write you letters, cards and to send care packages occasionally. It is wonderful to get mail, but be sure to write them back and thank them!

Barbara Thiesen

Co-Director of Libraries & Liberal Education Adviser

  • Asking for help is okay. Recognizing the need for assistance is a sign of maturity, not a sign of failure.
  • Remember to breathe.