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High School Counselors

We know that you are determined to help your students succeed - let us help! Here are some handy resources for you and your students.

Founded in 1887, Bethel College is a 4-year liberal arts institution in North Newton, Kansas. Our student body is around 500 students, most of whom live on campus in the residence halls and participate in various activities: athletics, music, theater, visual arts, forensics, student organizations, and more. 

Steps to Become a Thresher

Our admissions process is straightforward. Because our admissions counselors work individually with applicants, you can be sure your students will always have help as they apply, get accepted, and enroll at Bethel. 

  • Our online application is completely free and only takes 10 minutes to complete -- plus, we don’t have an application deadline! Once their application is complete, students can access their online portal, where they can keep track of their admissions checklist, upload acceptance materials, fill out student life forms, and more.
  • Applicants will be notified of their acceptance decision or next steps within 2 business days of submitting their materials!
  • Once accepted, prospective students can be awarded financial aid (see below). 
  • After accepting their financial aid award, students pay a $200 deposit to open their enrollment and fill out housing information. 
  • Finally, students enroll with an advising professor!

Bethel’s free partnership with allows you to see applicants from your school so you can upload documents to help with their admission process!

Scholarship Programs at Bethel

We get it - college is expensive! That’s why Bethel is dedicated to providing the best scholarship package we can to students, so they can attend Bethel at an affordable cost. Like our admissions steps, our scholarship process is designed to be straightforward and easy to understand.

  • Every student is awarded an academic scholarship based on their academic credentials
  • Students can then add 1 activity scholarship to stack with their academic scholarship. Activity scholarship opportunities include athletics, music, art, theater, forensics, service leadership programs, and career pathways.
  • We have many additional scholarships which may be awarded based on eligibility, availability, and need. Some of these include: church, legacy, science and more!
  • Outside scholarships are encouraged! Check out and for opportunities. 

Areas of Study at Bethel

Your students have diverse interests and passions, and Bethel is excited to help your students develop the tools to pursue their dream careers! With over 43 areas of study, options to double major or minor in a subject, certification courses, and a customizable iMajor, Bethel offers a wide array of educational opportunities for students. Some of our top programs include:

  • Elementary and Secondary Education
  • Nursing
  • Pre-Medical Studies
  • Social Work

Beyond the classroom, every Thresher has the opportunity for internships, shadowing, student-led research projects, and other career preparation.

Visit Process

We would be thrilled to meet your students through our visit options, either on campus or remotely on a virtual visit -- our visit page will be up-to-date with current offerings. Our admissions team encourages students to come on a tour of campus, meet with professors and coaches, talk over financial aid, and experience the community atmosphere of Bethel. All of our freshmen admissions counselors graduated from Bethel and love to introduce visitors to the school and campus they love!

Meet Your Admissions Counselor

Our admissions team is excited to partner with you and your school to help your students in their college search process. If you have any questions about the team, process, requirements, or events, please contact your admissions counselor or email Feel free to call our office at (316)284-5230 with concerns or questions as well.

Mission Statement

Bethel College prepares students for meaningful lives of work and service through faith formation, the liberal arts, and practical experience in career pathways.