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Kryss Chupp ’81

Sophomore College Prep Checklist

Preparing for college can be an exciting time!

When you survey the landscape, your future might look fuzzy. But now is a perfect time to start clarifying your college plans. Put your best foot forward. Think about what type of school best embraces you and your interests, and suits your academic and career pursuits. Chart your course for college prep and propel yourself toward college admissions success.

Sophomore Year

  • Explore bethelks.edu
  • Attend Bethel events – plays, concerts, athletic events, lectures.
  • Become familiar with the ACT and practice tests – maybe even take the ACT.
  • Attend camps related to your academic interests, such as Bethel’s Summer Science Institute. 

Junior Year

  • Participate in activities that feed your passions, such as Bethel’s instrumental camps or STEM Symposium.
  • Look for leadership roles in clubs and activities.
  • Take the ACT. Send your scores to Bethel (code 1390).
  • Attend college fairs. Meet with Bethel representatives who visit your school.
  • Strengthen relationships with mentors who can write recommendations for special Bethel scholarships. 
  • Think about majors and careers. Build out a list of potential college choices.
  • Grab a group of friends and visit Bethel during Junior Jumpstart.
  • Meet with the guidance counselor to discuss plans for summer and next fall.
  • Apply for summer jobs, internships and volunteer opportunites. If you can’t find any of these, consider a job shadow.
  • Register for camps related to your academic interests.

Senior Year

  • Apply to Bethel if you haven’t already.
  • Have your school’s guidance counselor send your transcript to Bethel.
  • Complete the FAFSA in order to receive your financial-aid award.
  • Visit Bethel and learn about the financial aid process.
  • Retake the ACT to improve your scholarship opportunities.
  • Explore outside scholarship opportunities.
  • Participate in Bethel’s Scholarship Day to be recognized for your academic awards.
  • Pay your deposit to reserve your space at Bethel.
  • Attend an Early Enrollment Day to register for classes, complete your financial registration and meet fellow Threshers.
  • Prepare for your future with a summer job, internship or job shadow, or by attending an academic summer camp.
  • Get to know your roommate.
  • Kick off your college career with Thresher Days!