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Enrollment Information for First-year Students

Early Enrollment Days are for first-year college students who have sent in their Student Life Contract and deposit.

You are invited to come to campus to:

  • Register for fall, interterm and spring classes.
  • Check in with the Office of Financial Aid.
  • Select housing and meal plan.
  • Set up payment plan.
  • Receive your student ID and email address.
  • Gain access to ThresherConnect.

Sign up now for the day of your choice!

If you are unable to attend on any of the dates listed above, call your admissions counselor to make an individual on-campus appointment or learn the phone registration options.

After enrollment

Once you are enrolled, you will have the following resources to help you determine a major and make appropriate academic progress:

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Enrollment days begin at 8:30 a.m.

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