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It is the comprehensive Bethel education both inside and outside of the classroom that will have a lasting and profound impact on my future
Josh Chittum ’09

For Me?

The 4-Year Graduation Guarantee is not for all students. There are many good reasons why you may choose to take longer than four years to graduate.

  • You may have family or work responsibilities that prevent you from completing an average of 16 credits per semester.
  • You may find your interests change while you are at Bethel College, leading you to change your major field of study.
  • You may involve yourself in internships in preparation for your post-graduate career.
  • You may take specific additional courses to meet the requirements for teacher licensure, a certificate or a minor.
  • You may choose to study abroad for a year.*
  • You may choose to involve yourself heavily in extracurricular activities.

Each of the choices that you make may enhance your education, yet they make it more difficult to finish the 4-Year Graduation Guarantee on schedule. Nevertheless, many students in each of the above circumstances can finish their degree programs in four years.

* Not all study abroad experiences provide the breadth of coursework necessary to complete a major. Students considering study abroad must consult the academic dean to determine if the four-year graduation guarantee will continue to apply.

If you have additional questions, contact the vice president for academic affairs or the Office of Admissions.

4-Year Graduation Guarantee Agreement

Ready to choose the four-year plan to start saving a significant amount of money and achieve a head-start in your career or post-graduate studies? If so, be sure to review the commitments and discuss the plan with your major advisor before completing the 4-Year Graduation Guarantee Agreement Form.