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Bethel College will provide eligible students with advising about their academic programs and with the courses they need to complete them. To assist you in your plan to graduate in four years, Bethel College will:

  • Ensure you are well informed about college and major requirements and assign you a designated advisor.
  • Provide timely access to the courses you must take to meet degree requirements.

Student’s commitments

You will follow the academic advice provided and take the courses, which are available to you. If you are committed to graduating in four years, you must:

  • Matriculate as a first-time Bethel College freshman (including freshmen with Advanced Placement but excluding freshmen admitted on provisional, part-time status).
  • Declare your intention to pursue the 4-Year Graduation Guarantee by signing the appropriate contract, available from the Office of the Registrar, no later than your second semester at Bethel. On the contract, you will declare your major* and must stick with that major.
  • Meet with your academic advisor/s every semester to ensure that the courses you select will meet all program requirements (college and major) within your contract period.
  • Adjust your preferred schedule to take courses you need when they are offered.
  • Complete the average number of credits necessary each academic year to meet the minimum credit requirements for graduation. (Students may need to take interterm classes to achieve the necessary rate of progress.)
  • Maintain the grade point averages required by the college and particular majors. You must earn grades sufficient to allow you to enroll in the next level of required courses in order not to repeat courses and thereby lose time.
  • Meet with the registrar for a formal degree check during your fifth semester.

Many students who declare a major later than the guidelines specified above, as well as students who change majors (even more than once), will often still be able to graduate from Bethel College within four years. These guidelines apply to the guarantee only and not to any specific graduation requirements.

* Programs that require coursework beyond the major to fulfill teacher licensure requirements are excluded from the 4-Year Graduation Guarantee.

If you have additional questions, contact the vice president for academic affairs or the Office of Admissions.