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Development of an Environmental Sample Analysis Method Using Ion-Exchange Chromatography

Faculty Supervisor:
Gary Histand
Year of Project Completion:
Peter Regier


Ion Chromatography is a rapidly expanding analytical technique, used for simultaneous determination of ions. Bethel College recently purchased a Metrohm Ion Chromatograph (IC) and the successful development of proper operating conditions and techniques was met through completion of this seminar. All aspects for creating a precise, accurate and repeatable analysis environment were taken into account. As IC analysis detects ionic compounds on the sub-ppm (parts per million) level, great care was taken in all steps, from cleaning of glassware to general maintenance and creation of necessary solutions. The method was verified through use of standard anion solution . Soil samples were taken from a tallgrass prairie restoration plot at Bethel College to provide environmental samples. As nitrogen is one of the most important nutrients for a healthy, functioning prairie[1] and is often the limiting nutrient in terrestrial environments[2], nitrate and nitrite were analyzed. Substantial research into ionic species in aqueous environments already exists[3][4][5] but less for environmental investigation of ionic concentrations in soil, especially cationic compounds[6]. As there is concern of the health of the restoration plot, nitrate and nitrite levels are key to understanding what is wrong and possible remedies to restore the health of the plot.

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