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There’s a strong sense of community at Bethel. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. It’s hard not to feel like you belong here.
Erica Buller ’12

Academic Advising

Bethel College values academic advising that both encourages and challenges you in your educational experience. You will be assigned a faculty adviser who will work with you personally to select your courses. Bethel sees the academic adviser as primary to helping make your academic experience as rewarding and successful as possible.

Freshman Advising

Bethel has developed a comprehensive, developmental advising and residence life program for you, designed to provide a supportive and challenging experience in and out of the classroom. Upon admission, you are assigned to a Liberal Education Adviser (LEA), who helps you select courses appropriate to your individual goals, skills and interests. The LEAs are also concerned about your personal, social and spiritual lives and meet regularly with you to discuss issues that are important to you. If you are relatively sure about your major, you’ll also be assigned to an adviser in your major field. In these cases, the LEA and the Major Exploration Advisor (MEA) work cooperatively to provide you with the best possible advising.

All first-time full-time freshmen starting college in the fall semester are assigned to an advising group, which also forms a section of the course IDS 102: First-year Seminar, required of all first-time freshmen. First-year Seminar is offered in the fall of each academic year and is taught by the LEAs.

Major Advising

As a freshman, you’ll work with your Liberal Education Adviser for the first semester and often for the entire first year. When you’re ready to declare a major, an adviser in the major department will be selected. Students who are not ready to declare a major may remain with their LEA until they are prepared to make a decision that is right for them.

If you’re a transfer student ready to pursue a certain major, you’ll be given an adviser in the appropriate academic department before you enroll. If you haven’t decided on a major, you’ll be assigned to a faculty adviser who, like the Liberal Education Adviser, will work with you until you’re ready to declare a major.

Once you’ve chosen or been assigned to an adviser in your major field, both you and your adviser/s will work together closely in a mentoring relationship to equip you to realize academic, personal and career goals.

Advisers are not authorized to change established policy of the college. You are solely responsible for assuring that your academic programs comply with the policies of the college. Any advice that is at variance with established policy must be confirmed by the vice president for academic affairs.