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I love Bethel because of the community of friends that we have here.
Claire Unruh ’12

Academic Resources

You’ll find that your professors and classmates will engage, challenge and inspire you as they join you in an exhilarating pursuit of knowledge and personal fulfillment. You’ll also have an academic adviser who knows you and your goals and will help you find opportunities for success.

Your interests and ambitions will be fostered in classroom facilities best suited to the subject and instructional methods. You’ll also have access – day or night – to a computer lab with technical assistance available, as well as a full-service library in the heart of campus near classrooms and residence halls.

Should you discover you need additional assistance in a particular area of study, the Center for Academic Development will give you, or help you find, those resources. And as you begin to think about your career (or, more immediately, a campus job), the Office of Experiential Learning and Career Services can show you how to connect your academic endeavors with a future career.