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Transferring Academic Credit

Academic work done at a regionally accredited institution by incoming students will be accepted as transfer credit subject to all the regulations and restrictions that apply to resident credit. Academic work which does not transfer to Bethel includes the following: courses considered to be developmental (e.g., orientation, time management, library skills); remedial (e.g., those in English, mathematics and reading); and vocational.

The transfer of credits from an institution that is not regionally accredited may be considered upon receipt of documentation that demonstrates equivalency regarding course information, equivalencies and learning outcomes. It is the student’s responsibility to provide this documentation.

Because courses with similar titles and numbering at different institutions may not be similar in content and course requirements, there is no presumption that a course at another institution can fulfill a particular Bethel general education or major requirement. The substitution of transfer course work for specific general education or major requirements is determined at the time of admission by the registrar and appropriate faculty. Current Bethel students must obtain permission for such substitutions from the chair of the division in which the course resides. The division chair will in turn seek advice from the appropriate department chair. Course substitution forms are available in the registrar’s office. Two-year college work may not be used to fulfill upper level requirements.

Students with more than 30 credit hours of previous Bethel course work do not fall under the provisions of the “General Education Competency for Transfer Students.” See current academic catalog for more information.

Students who intend to transfer work completed at Bethel to another institution should consult the other school for information on their policies. Credit is always granted by the institution receiving the credit.

If you’re interested in transferring into the nursing program at Bethel College, information contained in the documents below can serve as a guide:

Articulation agreements