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…Bethel has a high reputation for scholastic achievement. As long as I am able, I will continue to support my alma mater.
Jacqui-Ann Doig, R.N., ’07

Order a Transcript

The registrar’s office maintains each current or former student’s permanent record. Transcripts are the certified copies of these records.

Transcripts contain confidential information and cannot be furnished or released without the student’s or alumnus’ signed, specific request. Current students who wish to have a transcript request processed shortly after grades and/or degrees for a semester have been posted may indicate this in advance on the request.

Transcripts will not be issued to anyone with outstanding balances at the Business Office or other holds (such as unreturned books, fines imposed by Student Life, etc.) until such holds are removed.

Transcripts released directly to a student or alumnus are stamped “Issued to Student.” A number of institutions will not accept transcripts delivered by the student or alumnus but must receive them directly from the Bethel College Office of the Registrar.

Bethel College current and former students can now request their transcripts online at our website through Secure Transcript® provided by Parchment Exchange. The Bethel College registrar’s office will process and send transcripts electronically through Parchment Exchange for delivery to colleges, universities and any other destination.

Parchment Exchange can deliver your official transcript via mail, secure electronic delivery or expedite delivery (extra cost).

To request your transcript via Parchment Exchange, create a Bethel College account with Parchment Exchange and request your transcript. Bethel will then process your transcript request and send your transcript electronically to Parchment Exchange. Parchment Exchange will provide your official transcript in the format preferred by the receiver and confirm delivery, when possible, so you know when your transcripts have reached their destinations. You can track your requests in real time by signing in to your Parchment Exchange account and viewing your transcript requests.