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…Bethel has a high reputation for scholastic achievement. As long as I am able, I will continue to support my alma mater.
Jacqui-Ann Doig, R.N., ’07

Enrollment Policies for Incoming Students

New Students Pursuing a Degree or Teacher Licensure

Students who have not previously attended Bethel College and who wish to work toward a degree, teacher licensure or certificate MUST apply for admission and submit evidence of academic ability and motivation. It is suggested that application for the fall term take place no later than August 1, interterm no later than December 1 and spring term no later than January 1.

Former Students Seeking Readmission

Former Bethel students who have attended other institutions of higher education (during a regular fall or spring term), or who have not attended Bethel during the past academic year, or students who have been academically dismissed and are now reapplying for admission, must complete an application form and meet other admissions requirements as indicated by the college catalog.

Students not Seeking Degrees or Teacher Licensure

Students wishing to take a single course but not seeking to complete a degree program, teacher licensure or certificate may register on the Monday before classes begin, and be admitted as “special students.” Special students are not assigned academic advisers. Students admitted as special students may be subject to other restrictions. Special student application is made through the registrar’s office.