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Services and Policies

  • Books — 4 weeks
  • Periodicals — 2 days
  • Videos — 1 week
  • CDs — 7 days to students; non-circulating to community patrons
  • LPs — 7 days
  • Reference books — 2 days; many do not circulate
  • Reserve — Varies; usually 2 hours

The College Library develops collections primarily to support the current and anticipated instructional, research and service programs of the College. The service objectives of the Library encompass both the needs of the campus academic community and those of the wider regional and scholarly community. The collection development objectives, however, are focused primarily on the needs of the campus academic community. The collection development goal of the library is to identify recorded information pertinent to existing research, instructional, and institutional programs, and to acquire and preserve selected materials at levels appropriate to the scope and depth of those programs. The purpose of materials selection at Bethel College is to provide the right information for the right reader at the right time. This collection development policy is intended to be flexible enough to reflect changes and trends in the College’s academic programs. See full Collections Development Policy here.

Only registered students, faculty and staff may use library computers, with the exception of one computer located at the front desk. That computer’s primary function is to provide access to the college’s library catalog and related resources. Library computers are all Internet-accessible and all are equipped with Microsoft Office.

Bethel College students are not required to acquire library cards in order to check out library materials. Library cards, however, enable patrons to check their library records online through Voyager, the library’s automated system. Community patrons may obtain library cards at the Circulation Desk during regular operating hours.

Overdue notices are sent out 7 days after regular circulating material is overdue. Notices are then sent out at 7-day intervals. After four weeks, patrons are billed for the replacement of the overdue item, along with appropriate processing charges.

Overdue notices for Reserve materials are generated immediately after an item is due. After 7 days, patrons are billed for the replacement of the overdue item, along with appropriate processing charges.

Patrons with outstanding replacement balances or more than 3 lost items must receive permission of a librarian before checking out library materials.

Overdue notices are sent out via e-mail whenever possible. If a patron does not have an e-mail address, a paper overdue notice will be sent.

A networked laser printer is located on the main floor of the library. Print jobs from any library computer should be sent to this printer. Printouts are free for students and 10 cents per page for community members.

A photocopier is available on the main level of the library. Copies are free for Bethel College students. For community patrons they are 10 cents per page. Change is available at the front desk. Students and community patrons may not charge copies.

Patrons may renew materials a maximum of three times. Subsequent renewals require approval of a librarian. You may request renewals in person, by phone or by e-mail. You do not have to bring the material into the library to renew it.

Goal for social media use:

  • to connect and engage with Bethel College students, faculty, staff, and community members in their pursuit of meaningful lives of work and service by promoting our library services and resources."


  • We will protect the privacy of our patrons by:
    • Refraining from collecting personal information about library users.
    • Seeking permission to post any photos, videos, or other content that show students consuming information from a particular, identifiable source.
    • NOTE: Library visitors may be photographed or recorded for use in social media posts or other promotional materials.
  • We will protect and promote the intellectual freedom of our patrons by featuring information useful to a diverse group of patrons.
  • We will protect the dignity of our patrons, and other members of our community, by avoiding any inappropriate content including but not limited to content that is: derogatory, racist, rude, lewd, plagiarized or posted for commercial purposes.
  • All patrons who interact with our social media accounts should abide by these policies as well.
    • The library reserves the right to remove any content that does not align with these policies as well as block any user who does not adhere to these policies. 
    • Comments on any of the content published by the library do not necessarily reflect the views of the library, its staff, or the institution of Bethel College.

Bethel College Librarians are dedicated to the core values of our profession that support and uphold intellectual freedom and the right to read of each member of our Bethel College community and beyond. 

We are guided by particular expressions of these core values including the American Library Association’s Code of Ethics, Core Values of Librarianship, Library Bill of Rights and Freedom to Read Statement, and the Kansas Library Association Statement on Intellectual Freedom, which assert that the freedom to read for all is essential to a healthy, functioning democracy.

About Bethel

As the first Mennonite college founded in North America, Bethel College celebrates a tradition of progressive Christian liberal arts education, diversity within community, and lifelong learning.