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Blend what you love and what you want to do with your life into the perfect major – just for you – with the help of two faculty advisers.

Integrate knowledge from different disciplines, responding to the world’s problems in ways no single discipline can provide. Enjoy the flexibility you want by customizing one of our established programs of study. Craft a program of study that prepares you for your vision – and the jobs – of the future.

Find the intersection of your gifts and the world’s needs – all within an inclusive network of encouragement, challenge and respect.

  • 1,891 possible majors, when you partner with two faculty advisers and design your own iMajor
  • 93% of employers agreed that a candidate’s capacity to think critically, communicate clearly and solve complex problems is more important than the undergraduate major

Examples of iMajors

  • Environmental Science (primary concentration in Biology)
  • Gender Studies (concentration in one of various programs – e. g., Psychology, History)
  • Community Restorative Justice (concentration in Social Work)
  • Creative Writing (concentration in English)
  • Pre-Law (concentration in History)
  • Music Theater (concentration in Music or Communication Arts)
  • Neuroscience (concentration in Psychology)
  • Pre-Engineering (concentration in Mathematics)
  • Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies (concentration in Bible and Religion)
  • Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 to apply for an Individualized Major.
  • Students should identify two faculty members to serve as advisors and to help draft the Individualized Major proposal.
  • In coordination with the two sponsoring faculty advisers, the student should submit a formal proposal for an Individualized Major that addresses the following:
  • How an Individualized Major will enable you to better meet your goals than would a regular major
  • Your two faculty advisers for the Individualized Major (including a primary adviser, in your primary concentration). Your advisers will help you set goals, select the best courses to meet your interests, satisfy all graduation requirements, answer questions and prepare the iMajor proposal for approval.
  • At least three goal statements that summarize the intellectual and/or career goals you hope to achieve through completion of your Individualized Major
  • Courses to be included in this designed major – totaling at least 36 credit hours while satisfying all other graduation requirements listed in the college catalog
    • At least 18 hours from a primary concentration in a current Bethel program of study;
    • At least 15 upper-level credit hours (courses numbered 300 or above);
    • A capstone/senior seminar. While this will most likely be mentored by one of your two sponsoring advisers, the capstone project must be clearly related to the learning outcome goals of your Individualized Major.
  • Applications for an Individualized Major may be submitted as early as your sophomore year, and should be submitted no later than the first semester of your junior year.

Mission Statement

Bethel College prepares students for meaningful lives of work and service through faith formation, the liberal arts, and practical experience in career pathways.