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Past Staley Lectures: 1980s


Christian Commitment

Susan Muto, Epiphany Association, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • Living Commitments Faithfully in the Workplace
  • Forming Community in the Holy Spirit
  • Maturing in Christian Love
  • Spiritual Disciplines as Avenues to Committed Living


Lyle W. Dorsett, Wheaton College

  • C. S. Lewis (1898-1963): A Quarter-Century Evaluation
  • C. S. Lewis and the Life of Prayer
  • C. S. Lewis under Fire: A Look at His Critics
  • C. S. Lewis’s Advice to Students
  • C. S. Lewis: Some Keys to His Extraordinary Effectiveness


Authentic Christianity

John M. Perkinst, Harambee Christian Family Center and the John M. Perkins Foundation for Reconciliation and Development, Pasadena, California

  • Jesus Goes to the Land of the Shadow of Death
  • John Perkins: Cry Justice (new Perkins film)
  • My Own Pilgrimage
  • Community Development as a Calling
  • The Leader as Servant


Basic Issues for Christian Peacemakers

Dale W. Brown, Bethany Theological Seminary, Oak Brook, Illinois

  • Faithfulness and Effectiveness
  • Redeemed People and Unredeemed Structures
  • Justice and Love
  • Despair and Hope


On the Threshold of God’s Future: Acquiring, Sustaining and Deepening a Radical Faith

John H. Westerhoff III, Duke University Divinity School

  • The Strangeness of Christian Faith
  • The Church as a Story Formed Community
  • Christian Life as a Pilgrimage
  • Ministry as Daily Life and Work


Living the Anabaptist Vision in the Late Twentieth Century

Ronald J. Sider, Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Philadelphia

  • Overcoming the Hypocrisy of the Mennonite Peace Witness
  • God’s Invitation to Shalom
  • Jesus’ Resurrection and the Search for Peace and Justice
  • New Ways to Be Peacemakers


Discipleship in the Global Village

Myron Augsburger, Washington Community Fellowship, Washington, D.C.

  • Commitment of Faith
  • Practicing Love
  • Doing Justice
  • Modeling Peace


Prospects for an Evangelical Apologetics in the 1980s

Dallas Willard, University of Southern California

  • The Gospel Ministry of Apologetics: A Neglected Field of Christian Service
  • The Material World and the Rule of God: Matter or Physical Substance as Understood Today
  • The Powers of the Mind: Parapsychology and the Experiential Reality of God’s Kingdom
  • History and Personality: Why a Good God Permits Sin and Suffering


The Relevance of Christ in a World Like Ours

Mary Cosby, Church of the Savior, Washington, D. C.

  • Jesus and the Disinherited
  • Jesus and the Call to Prayer
  • Jesus and the Call to Peacemaking
  • Jesus and the Call to Suffering


Toward Getting It Together: Lifestyle for the 80s

Bernie Wiebe, Editor, The Mennonite, Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • Looking for My Self
  • Let the Stork Live!
  • Styles of Relationships
  • Spirituality for the 80s

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