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Past Menno Simons Lectures: 1950s


The Theological Context of the Christian Ethic

Gordon D. Kaufman, Harvard Divinity School


Wilderness and Paradise in the History of God’s People

George H. Williams, Harvard Divinity School


The Only Warfare the Christian Knows

Jacob J. Enz, Mennonite Biblical Seminary, Elkhart, Ind.

  • The Recovery of the Ultimate Weapon (The Proclamation of the Biblical Word-deed of Love) (audio)
  • Fighting in the Right War (Decision and Recovery of the Biblical Time-table) (audio)
  • The Outfit that Moves Forward as a Man (Participation in the Covenanted Life in Christ)
  • Caught in the Deadly Cross-fire (The Kingdom among the Kingdoms) (audio)
  • The Kingdom’s Tactical Supremacy (Incarnation and Substitution vs. Idolatry and Irresponsibility) (audio)
  • Turning Battle Songs into Hymns of Peace (The Celebration of the Lordship of Christ) (audio)


Relevance of Christian Nonresistance in Our Present World Situation

Martin Niemöller, Hesse-Nassau, Germany

  • The Way of Peace
  • Reformation Address
  • Christian Pacifism (audio)
  • The Church and Politics (audio)
  • The Present Crisis and Christian Responsibility (audio)
  • The Peace of God and Peace among Men (audio)
  • Underdeveloped Countries (audio)
  • The Church’s Part in the Quest for Peace (audio)


Anabaptism Speaks to Our Day

Robert Kreider, Bluffton (Ohio) University


The Free Church

Franklin H. Littell, Chicago Theological Seminary


The Reformers and the Anabaptists

Wilhelm Pauck, Union Theological Seminary, New York


Sixteenth-Century Anabaptism

Roland H. Bainton, Yale Divinity School

  • Beginnings of the Reformation (Luther)
  • Radicalism at Wittenberg
  • The Church of the Restoration (Anabaptism in Switzerland) (audio part 1 | part 2)
  • The Great Commission (The Spread to the Upper Rhine and Hesse) (audio)
  • The Frontier Fellowship (The Hutterites) (audio)
  • The Enduring Witness (The Mennonites) (audio)

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