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The culture of Bethel is one that encourages students to try new things and to think critically.
Sarah Unruh ’12

Past Staley Lectures: 1970s


The Integration of Faith and Learning: An Introduction to One View

T. Grady Spires, Gordon College, Wenham, Massachusetts

  • The New Quest for a Christian Mind
  • Some Patterns of Faith-Learning Integration
  • The Inevitable Risk of Commitment and Scholarly Labor
  • A Few Examples in Need of Reformation


The Kingdom of God

Tom Skinner, Tom Skinner Associates

  • What Is the Kingdom of God?
  • Who Are the Members of God’s Kingdom?
  • The Necessity of the Kingdom
  • The Role of the Kingdom


Joseph Bayly, David C. Cook Publishing Company

  • Jesus Yes—Christianity No
  • Christianity and Creativity
  • Jesus and Emotional Maturity
  • The Lordship of Christ


William E. Pannell, Fuller Theological Seminary

  • Life Down on the Farm
  • The Simple Life Isn’t
  • The World’s Agenda and Ours
  • In … Not of … For


Christ Across Culture:

Donald R. Jacobs, Mennonite Christian Leadership Foundation

  • Is Christ for Every Man?
  • The Shape of the Good News
  • Christ, Culture and Christianity
  • Christ and Cosmic Unity


Free to Make Peace: Bound to Be Responsible: The Peacemaker’s Innards

David Augsburger, Mennonite Broadcasts

  • Nonviolent Anger: Free to Feel
  • Nonresistant Love: Free to Choose
  • Noncoercive Responsibility: Free to Relate
  • The Care/Confront Interface in Conflict Management


What Is a Christian?

Stanley D. Walters, Central Michigan University

  • The Christian as Soul Brother
  • The Guru and the Word
  • Pollack Jokes, Anyone?
  • The New Has Come


The Christian in Today’s World

Arthur F. Holmes, Wheaton College

  • Does Life Have Meaning?
  • Sin and Grace in Today’s World
  • The Christian and the Liberal Arts
  • The Idea of a Christian College


The Expanded Life

Myron S. Augsburger, Eastern Mennonite College and Seminary

  • The Spirit of the Disciple
  • The Values of the Kingdom
  • Peace Shall Inherit the Earth
  • The Difficulties of Mercy
  • Purity of Heart Is to Will One Will
  • Counter Culture and Christian Community