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Past Bible Lectures: 1990s


Dominion or Dependence: Reclaiming a Farmer’s View of the Human Vocation

February 7–9

Theodore Hiebert, McCormick Theological Seminary

  • Through a Priest’s Eyes: Dominion (Genesis 1)
  • The Priest’s Legacy: Stewardship
  • Through a Farmer’s Eyes: Dependence (Genesis 2–3)
  • The Farmer’s Legacy: Servanthood
  • Pastors’ Workshop: Our Common Agricultural Calling: Biblical Images and Contemporary Challenges


Getting Jesus Out of the Bible

February 16–18

Daryl Schmidt, Texas Christian University

  • Jesus in the Narrative World of the Gospels: Bible as Text
  • Jesus in the Social World of Early Christianity: Bible as Canon
  • Jesus in His Own World: Bible as History
  • Jesus in Our Own World: Bible as Scripture
  • Workshop for Pastors: Jesus in the News: Issues behind the Headlines


The New Order of Jesus: Toward a Domination-Free Society

February 26–28

Walter Wink, Auburn Theological Seminary, New York City)

  • The Myth of Redemptive Violence
  • Jesus’ Answer to the Myth
  • Jesus’ Turn on Nonviolence
  • Beyond Pacifism and Just War Theory
  • Workshop: Prayer and the Powers


Responsible Action: The Sermon on the Mount and Dietrich Bonhoeffer

March 6–8

Glen Stassen, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Ky.

  • Bonhoeffer and the Jews: Lonely Advocate amidst Silence and Complicity
  • Bonhoeffer and Justice: Human Rights and the Sermon on the Mount
  • Jesus and Power: Grace and Deliverance
  • Bonhoeffer’s Ethic of Responsibility and the Sermon on the Mount


Women in Ancient Israel

February 23–24

Wilma Bailey, Messiah College

  • Two Women: Hagar and Sarai
  • Women’s Lives and Hebrew Literature
  • A Second Look: Eve the Good Wife, Bathsheba and Their Sisters


Living Creatively: A One-Man Drama on the Life of Dr. E. G. Kaufman written by James C. Juhnke

February 25

John McCabe-Juhnke, Bethel College


Mission Today: Deliverance

February 18–20

Jonathan Larson, Commission on Overseas Mission-Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission

  • Deliverance in the Household of Prayer
  • Deliverance from a Spirit of Infirmity
  • Deliverance for Standing Straight with a Shout
  • Deliverance: The Jonah Syndrome

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