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Past Bible Lectures: 1970s


The Coming City (Studies from Isaiah 60)

February 4–6

Richard J. Mouw, Calvin College

  • Of Fairy Tales and Cities
  • Those Ships of Tarshish
  • When the Kings Come Marching In
  • How to Look for a City


The Autobiography of God: A Study of the Parables

February 6–7

Lloyd John Ogilvie, First Presbyterian Church; Hollywood, CA.


Apocalypse and Kingdom: A Perspective into Christian Beginnings and Its Implications for Contemporary Faith and Action

February 6–8

Lala Kalyan Kumar Dey, Drew University

  • Crisis of Post-Exilic Judaism and the Response of Jewish Apocalyptic
  • John the Baptist and Jesus — The Radicalization of Jewish Apocalyptic
  • The Theology and Ethics of the Kingdom of God
  • Paul and Religious Heroism — The Issue of Immortality, Spirit and Power


Christian Peoplehood and the Mennonites

February 8–10

Frank H. Epp, Conrad Grebel College

  • The Miracles of Peoplehood
  • The National Dimensions of Peoplehood
  • The Implications of International Peoplehood
  • Extending the Borders of Peoplehood


Communicating the Good News in Central Africa

February 9–11

John F. Carrington, Universite Nationale du Zaire

  • Messengers of Yesterday
  • The Spoken and Written Word
  • Words and Music
  • Messengers for Tomorrow


The Koinonia of the Spirit

February 18–19

C. Norman Kraus, Goshen College

  • Law and Spirit — The Basis for Community
  • Individual-in-Community — The New Creature
  • The Apostolic Fellowship — Movement or Club?
  • Ideology of Love — The Shape of the Witness


Religion without Spirit is Evil (Studies of the Church in I Corinthians)

February 11–13

Krister Stendahl, Divinity School, Harvard University

  • No Comfort for the Comfortable
  • A Charismatic Movement
  • A New Movement
  • An Open Movement
  • A People Movement
  • In the End: God


Biblical Radicalism

February 14–17

T. Canby Jones, Wilmington College, Ohio

  • Babylon is Falling, So hellip; ?
  • Antidote to Apathy and Arrogance
  • Jesus as Radical Prophet
  • Subversion through Worship
  • The Love Which Cuts and the Love Which Heals
  • The Lamb’s Rule
  • Organize the Apocalypse
  • Commitment, Hope and Joy


Philemon’s Problem

February 22–25

James T. Burtchaell, University of Notre Dame

  • The Anti-Ritual Origins of Christianity
  • Salvation is Not the Purpose of the Church

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