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Past Bible Lectures: 1960s


February 2–5

Clarence L. Jordan

  • Ancient Men with a Modern Twist
  • Power in the Parables


March 10–13

J. A. Oosterbaan, University of Amsterdam, Mennonite Theological Seminary

  • Sören Kierkegaard, the Individual and His Faith
  • Tradition and the Renewal of Faith


January 31, February 1–2

Jack Finegan, Palestine Institute of Archeology, Pacific School of Religion

  • Archeology and the Bible
  • Theology and the Bible


Religion and Communication

March 20–23

Eugene A. Nida, American Bible Society

  • Basic Human Drives
  • Ideal and Real Religion
  • From Gods to Ghosts
  • Religions Compared
  • From God to Apes
  • The Uniqueness of Christian Faith
  • Idols of Wood and of Words


The Message of the Prophets

March 10–13

Eric C. Rust, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Louisville, KY.

  • The Nature of Biblical Prophetism
  • Righteousness and Judgment
  • The Grace of the Covenant God
  • The Lord of History and the Holy One of Israel
  • The Hope of an Individual Covenant
  • The Divine Presence and the Recreating Spirit
  • The Redeemer of Israel and the Suffering Servant
  • Post-exilic Prophetic Eschatology and the Visions of Daniel


Mornings: The Coming of Messiah

March 25–28

Markus Barth (University of Chicago)

  • The Parousia
  • Baptism
  • Temptation
  • Congratulation

Evenings: Conversation with the Bible

  • The Authority of a Charter of Liberty
  • The Yoke of Biblicism
  • The Burden of Freedom
  • The Enjoyment of Freedom


Mornings: What Is Your Life?

March 12–16

J. E. Hartzler

  • How Far Can You See?
  • Patterns and Personalities
  • Life - What Shall I Do with It?
  • Has Jesus the Answer?

Evenings: An Old Faith in a New World

  • Our Quest for God
  • A Philosophy of Life
  • The Truth Wins
  • The Good Life


Mornings: The Christian and the Church

March 14–18

Winthrop S. Hudson (Colgate Rochester Divinity School)

  • Rightly Handling the Word of Truth
  • The Household of God
  • A Royal Priesthood
  • Straight Timber or Crooked Pieces for the Temple
  • The Serving of Tables

Evenings: Living the Christian Life

  • Life Is What You Make It
  • Here We Are Alive
  • The Marks of a Christian
  • Our Brother’s Keeper
  • Remember Who You Are

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