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Sarah Unruh ’12

Past Bible Lectures: 1950s


Mornings: The Predicament of Modern Man: A Series of Biographical Addresses

March 16-20

Donovan E. Smucker, Mennonite Biblical Seminary

  • Vincent van Gogh: Vocational Agony and Loveless Rejection
  • Fyodor Dostoevsky: Split Personalities and Demonic Institutions
  • W. C. Handy: An American Tragedy Set to Music
  • Martin Luther King: The Encounter of Love with Justice
  • Jesus Christ: Suffering Servant and Founder of the New Humanity

Evenings: The Ministry of Reconciliation, The Structure of the Christian Life

  • The Biblical Sense of Sin
  • The Kingdom, the Church and the World
  • The Cross, the Golden Rule and Justice
  • Peacemaking in Your Own Backyard
  • The Ministry of Reconciliation


Mornings: Divine Encounters

March 17-21

J. Carlton Babbs, Park Hill Methodist Church; Denver, CO.

  • Encounter with a Provocative Woman
  • Encounter with a Blind Man
  • Encounter with a Man Who Wore Chains
  • Encounter with a Bad Woman
  • Encounter with a Man Up a Tree

Evenings: New Testament Tributaries

  • The Land of the Bible
  • Freedom from Want
  • Do You Talk to Yourself?
  • Sin and Sacrifice
  • A Good God



March 18-22

Eugene M. Frank, Resident Bishop, Missouri Area of the Methodist Church

  • The Inquisitive Age
  • The Premise of Jesus
  • Make a Stand Here
  • The Heart of Christianity
  • Life Counts Now


  • Forward by Faith
  • A Wilderness Generation
  • The Infinite Ability of God
  • The Church of Jesus
  • Put Your Finger Here


Chapel series: The Church Today Rediscovers Herself

March 19-23

Theodore O. Wedel, Canon of Washington Cathedral

  • Her Bible
  • Her Creedon
  • Her Sacraments - Baptism and the Lord’s Supper
  • Her Mission

Evenings: The Majestic Drama of the Bible

  • The Might Act of Creation
  • Mt. Sinai and the Law
  • The Incarnation and the Cross
  • The Resurrection and Pentecost
  • The Church - The Fellowship of the Holy Spirit


Chapel series

March 21-25

Albert J. Penner, Broadway Tabernacle Church; Congregational, New York City

  • Your Life and Its Goal
  • There’s An Upward Call
  • It Matters How You Live
  • The Hardest Sin to Conquer
  • The Eloquence of a Christian Life

Evenings: In the Steps of the Master

  • The Imitation of Christ
  • The Denial of Self
  • The Way of Action
  • On Wings of Prayer
  • Knowing God Other Than by Hearsay


Chapel series: The Bible Interprets Man: Studies in Christian Psychology

March 22-26

Leslie R. Marston, Greenville College, Illinois

  • The Biblical Outline of Man
  • Changing Interpretations of Man
  • Whence Come Dangerous Doctrines?
  • Biblical Character Studies: Philip, Andrew
  • Biblical Character Studies: Nicodemus, Peter

Evenings: Basic Christian Relationships

  • To God: Why Does God Care?
  • To Man: Who Is My Neighbor?
  • To Things: Life’s Greatest Paradox
  • To the Kingdom: The Good, Enemy of the Best
  • To the World: Power for City Streets