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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Bethel College is known – and in fact has been nationally recognized – for how well we prepare students for medical school and other graduate and professional programs in health care (pharmacy, dentistry, physical therapy, optometry).

You’ll find many of the prerequisites for entrance to these programs within biology and chemistry. Bethel’s Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB) major melds these two disciplines to provide you with a balanced approach of both sciences.

Upon successful completion of the major, you will:

  • have the skills needed to solve real-world problems at the interface between chemistry and biology;
  • have gained a broad understanding of the nature of chemistry and how chemistry influences biological systems; and
  • be able to communicate scientific findings in oral, written and poster formats.

Chemistry core:

            4 hours – Chemistry I

            4 hours – Chemistry II

            4 hours – Organic Chemistry

            4 hours – Bioanalytical Chemistry

4 hours – Biochemistry

            4 hours – Biophysical Chemistry

                        Chemistry core totals: 6 courses, 24 hours

Biology core:

            4 hours – Cell Biology & Microbes

            4 hours – Human Anatomy & Physiology

            4 hours – Molecular Genetics

            4 hours – Developmental Biology

                        Biology core totals: 4 courses, 16 hours

Additional courses:

            4 hours – Calculus I

            4-5 hours – Introductory Physics I or General Physics I

            4-5 hours – Introductory Physics II or General Physics II

            3 hours – General Psychology

            1 hour – Natural Science Seminar I

            1-3 hours – Natural Science Seminar II

                        Additional courses totals: 6 courses, 17-21 hours


Recommended for students interested in a health profession:

            4 hours – Pathophysiology

I decided to take advantage of the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major because it puts me on the right path for my career choice – to become a pediatrician. I plan to attend medical school after graduating from Bethel, and this major checks off many of the classes needed to achieve this. – Mikinzie Harkins ’22


I declared the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major because it was the most direct pathway to my future career. My adviser and I decided this path would be the best for me to make sure I have all the requirements needed for med school. This major offers a majority of chemistry classes, but also integrates biology and physics courses. I think it is a great balance. – Taylor Dashney ’22

Mission Statement

Bethel College prepares students for meaningful lives of work and service through faith formation, the liberal arts, and practical experience in career pathways.