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Bethel has passionate education professors, offering their experiences and knowledge and instilled in me the passion to do the same.
Sharayah Williams ’10

Youth Ministry Features

Ministry Inquiry Program

Bethel can also help you take advantage of ministry opportunities separate from – though related to – the Youth Ministry Certificate program. Students have enjoyed and benefited from participating with local churches in various ministries, or from taking advantage of the Ministry Inquiry Program (MIP).

Participation in MIP provides students with leadership opportunities in a host congregation where members and pastors have agreed to involve the student in a variety of pastoral ministry experiences, such as preaching, leading worship, planning youth activities and visiting members. These internships in a church provide students with a viable opportunity to test their pastoral gifts and interests in a welcoming congregational context.

MIP is open to students of any denomination, who will be placed in a Mennonite Church USA congregation. For more information, or to make arrangements for MIP participation, contact Peter Goerzen, Bethel director of church relations.