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Coursework for Teacher Education

Elementary Education Major requirements:
32 hours, taken within the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree.
Elementary Education Teacher Licensure (K–6):
All candidates for initial teacher licensure at the K–6 level are required to complete 50 hours of professional education requirements plus 33 hours required supporting courses for a total of 83 hours.
Special Education Teacher Endorsement:
Students who are majoring in elementary education, or who are working toward licensure in secondary education, may also take a concentration in the approved ACCK special education program, leading to endorsement in adaptive special education (mental retardation, learning disabilities, behavior disorders and other health impairments) at the K–6 and 6–12 levels. Each adaptive endorsement requires 21 hours.
Secondary and P–12 Teacher Licensure:
For 6–12 and P–12 level licensure, candidates are required to complete a major in an approved subject area, leading to a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree. A second teaching program is strongly recommended. In addition, candidates may take an endorsement in special education. Some teaching licensure areas such as health education are not majors. The majors with secondary and P–12 licensure are listed as the major with teacher licensure.
Major requirements for Secondary Education:
vary by major; see Bethel College course catalog or our Areas of Study page for major desired.