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Social Work Application Process

Admission to social work

In order to major in social work, you must be admitted to the program. This normally occurs during spring semester of the sophomore year or before conclusion of the fall term of the junior year for transfer students. You must be admitted before you may enroll in SWK360, the first practice theory class. Liberal arts courses and additional courses in the social sciences form the foundation for the social work major. Therefore, you are eligible to be admitted to the social work major when you meet the following:

  1. General Education basic communication and lower level distribution requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree (Bethel College catalog).
  2. Completion of these courses in the social sciences: ECON 211, SOSC222, PSY211. (One of these courses may also fulfill a general education requirement.)
  3. A cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5.

Application for admission to the social work major requires completion of a written application and submission of three references. The application and reference forms may be obtained from social work faculty members or the administrative assistant for the social work program. Admission to the social work major will be based on the following criteria:

  1. Evidence through interview, references and autobiographical material that the student has a system of values consistent with the Code of Ethics of the social work profession.
  2. Evidence through past academic work that the student has the aptitude to pursue the social work major.
  3. Evidence from academic records and the application process that the student is capable of effective verbal and written communication.
  4. Evidence through interview, references and autobiographical material that the student has the emotional maturity and stability needed for compassionate and effective social work.

Transferring to Bethel for a social work degree

Students transferring from community and two-year private colleges are welcome at Bethel and can prepare for entry into the social work major during their first two years of college. It is then possible for graduates from these institutions to transfer to Bethel and complete the social work degree in a minimum of two years. Students who expect to transfer to Bethel for the social work major are encouraged to contact the director of social work education as early as possible in their college career to be advised about admission requirements. They will also be advised about the ideal curriculum choices at the two-year college to articulate with the social work program at Bethel.

Preparation for social work education at Bethel

The liberal arts are an important foundation upon which a social work degree is built. Successful completion of a program of liberal studies is the best preparation for the social work major. Competence in oral and written communication is crucial for successful completion of the social work major as are skills and abilities to think analytically and synthesize information from a variety of sources.

Specific courses, when taken along with a community college liberal studies program, will prepare the transferring student for entry into the social work program at Bethel College. They are:

  • General Psychology
  • Principles of Sociology
  • Life-Span Development or Developmental Psychology
  • Introduction to Economics
  • Statistics

In addition, many two-year colleges offer a social work course that introduces students to the social welfare institution and to social work. When approved by the faculty of Bethel College’s social work program, this course will fulfill the requirements for a course usually taken during the first year in the social work major at Bethel. Students in the two-year college should contact the director of social work education at Bethel to be certain that the course has been approved to meet a requirement for social work at Bethel. The Bethel registrar makes final decisions regarding transfer of credits for courses taken outside Bethel, and about articulation with general education requirements at Bethel.