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Being a Thresher means being the best you can be at all times of the day, even after you have graduated and moved on to another chapter in your life.
Cristopher Nelson ’14

Psychology Outcomes

As a student in psychology, you’ll benefit from a sufficiently broad background to give you alternatives in many career areas. You’ll also develop versatile skills and knowledge useful in almost any area you choose to pursue.

A psychology degree from Bethel College will prepare you to pursue a career such as counseling, clinical psychology, teaching and research. You will have gained the ability to understand human actions, so psychology will also equip you to serve effectively in professions such as school administration, law, medicine, social work and pastoral ministry. Psychology is a popular major for students who plan to go on to medical school.

Post-graduate careers include:

  • School administration
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Social work
  • Pastoral ministry

Notable Alumni

Aimee Voth Siebert – ’10
Aimee graduated with an interest in disaster psychology. She went on to get her master’s degree in international disaster psychology. She currently works for the city of Denver as a disaster behavioral health specialist.
Michael Klein – ’03
Michael went on to become an optometrist and currently works at Perfect Sense Eye Center in Kansas City.