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I love Bethel because of the community of friends that we have here.
Claire Unruh ’12

Areas of Study: Psychology

Are you interested in how the brain works and about what makes people act as they do?

If so, psychology might be an ideal major or minor for you.

Psychology allows you to develop the tools to understand and help people, making psychology a wonderful field of study regardless of the career that might attract you. At Bethel, you’ll have a wide range of opportunities to apply your learning, including laboratories, assistantships, research projects and internships, all of which can help you further explore your interests and their applications.

Our liberal arts emphasis ensures you’ll develop independence, critical and analytical thinking skills, the ability to write clearly and persuasively and speak with clarity and confidence and an understanding of the professions in a broad ethical and moral framework. You’ll benefit by gaining research, analytical, computing, social and statistical skills useful in jobs and graduate study. In lab assignments and further research, you’ll have the chance to work with student colleagues as well as with various participant populations – psychiatric patients, preschool children, elders, and so on.

A few things that distinguish Bethel’s psychology department from those of other schools of similar size include:

  • Ongoing research projects involving both lower- and upper-level students, including areas such as:
    • development of theory of mind in children
    • emotional responses to music
    • schizophrenia and mind
    • brain event-related potentials
  • Laboratory components for all upper-level courses
  • National Science Foundation grant support almost continuously since 1990
  • A Clinical and Counseling Certificate that can be added to the major
  • A Neuroscience Certificate that can be added to the major

Psychology Faculty

Dwight Krehbiel

Dwight Krehbiel

Professor of Psychology
  • B.A. Bethel College 1969
  • M.S. University of Wisconsin 1975
  • Ph.D. University of Wisconsin 1978