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Bethel has really helped to make me more open-minded, and has also really refined my studying and learning abilities.
Brian Skinner ’12

Do you enjoy building things?

Do you like to take things apart and then put them back together to see how they work?

Do you love using math and science to make things happen?

Then engineering may be the area of study for you.

Engineers continue to be in high demand worldwide in industry of all kinds, from software to aerospace, from building bridges and satellites to computer parts and microchips.

Bethel College does not have a formal pre-engineering program, but we can help you to prepare for an engineering degree by

  • Providing a solid foundation in chemistry, mathematics, physics and computer programming;
  • Helping you develop strong communication skills, including public speaking, critical writing and active listening – so that, as an engineer, you can figure out what your clients want and present your proposed solution in a way they’ll understand.

Students beginning a pre-engineering course of study should come to Bethel prepared to take Calculus I – in other words, having had pre-calculus. A strong high school science background that includes chemistry and physics is also highly desirable.

Some might think it unusual to start an engineering degree at a liberal arts college. However, a liberal arts education can be of great benefit to those in technical fields. Liberal arts believes all disciplines are interconnected, and that studying a diverse range of subjects helps you see and use these interconnections.

Pre-Engineering Faculty

Gary Histand

Gary Histand

Professor of Chemistry
  • B.S. Delaware Valley College of Science and Agriculture 1984
  • M.S. Northwestern University 1986
  • Ph.D. Northwestern University 1989