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Brian Skinner ’12

Coursework for Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies

Regardless of your major, you can easily add a minor in peace, justice and conflict studies. In its current form, this minor combines selected courses in multiple disciplines and a research project (which may be done in conjunction with a senior seminar in another major or as a separate project). Because the minor requires only 17–19 additional hours from multiple departments, you will have a good deal of choice in which courses you take. If you’re interested in a major with a peace, justice and conflict studies emphasis, you might want to explore the possibility of an Individualized Major.

Required courses:
  • SSC 235 Introduction to Peace Studies
And three of the following:
  • BRL 330 Christian Social Ethics
  • BRL 372 Nonviolence: Theory and Practice
  • SSC 250 Intro to Conflict Management
  • SSC 344 Case Studies in Collective Violence
One elective (partial list):
  • BIO 110 Environmental Science
  • COA 313 Gender, Race, Class, and the Media
  • HIS 347 Race and Ethnicity in American History
  • LIT 123 Nonwestern Literatures
  • PSY 260 Social Psychology
  • SSC 222 Principles of Sociology
  • SWK 364 Social Development and Social Justice

See course catalog for additional approved electives.