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I have always had a heart for people and for service. I wanted a profession that gave me an opportunity to work directly with people and a profession that could utilize my skills to serve others who truly need it. What better profession than nursing? You get that chance every single day.
Danica Cox ’12

Nursing Outcomes

Post-graduate careers include:

  • Staff nurse
  • Specialty nurse (OB / ER / ICU / Pediatrics / Oncology)
  • Nurse manager / leader
  • School nurse
  • Flight nurse
  • Corrections nurse
  • Forensic nurse
  • Camp nurse
  • Missionary nurse
  • Ship nurse
  • Home health/hospice
  • Wound care nurse

Notable Alumni

Katrina Horner – ’14
Katrina graduated with a degree in Nursing that she obtained after only 3 years at Bethel. In her time here she was able to join her nursing classmates in an educational trip to Haiti where they worked at a local hospital. She has found work immediately after college in Providence, RI where she works as an RN.