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Seek. Serve. Grow.

I have always had a heart for people and for service. I wanted a profession that gave me an opportunity to work directly with people and a profession that could utilize my skills to serve others who truly need it. What better profession than nursing? You get that chance every single day.
Danica Cox ’12

Nursing Application Process

To apply to the Department of Nursing, please read and complete the following:

Transferring credit

If you’re interested in transferring into the nursing program at Bethel College, information contained in the documents below can serve as a guide:


Admission procedures for the nursing program are as follows:

Pre-licensure program (for unlicensed students and LPNs)

A. General
  1. Enrolled in or admitted to Bethel College (see Bethel College Catalog). This includes providing official transcripts of ALL college credits.
  2. Students enrolled full-time at Bethel College for two concurrent semesters prior to entering nursing are guaranteed a seat in the nursing program, provided admission criteria are met.
  3. Transfer students will be reviewed and a decision made regarding admission based on a review of materials submitted.
B. Academic
  1. General education proficiency as documented in the Bethel College Catalog.
  2. A cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher.
  3. Completion of ALL pre-requisite nursing courses with a C or higher before beginning NSG300. The licensed practical or vocational nurse applicant may waive NSG300 Foundations of Nursing because of previous program content. The applicant may always choose to enroll in or audit the course.
  4. Any exceptions must be submitted in writing with supporting evidence for consideration to the Department of Nursing Admission and Progression Committee.
C. Professional

A completed application submitted to the Department of Nursing will include:

  1. Application form
  2. A minimum 500-word written essay on your interest in nursing and what goals you have as a member of the nursing profession.
  3. Two completed professional reference forms from: (1) an employer, and (2) minister/rabbi/youth sponsor, academic advisor or health professional.
  4. Ablility to meet performance standards.
  5. Interview
D. Advanced Placement

Transfer nursing students:

  1. For those transfer students who have acceptable previous nursing course work at the baccalaureate level to be considered for transfer, a written request with syllabi should be presented to the Department of Nursing Director for evaluation towards advanced placement.
  2. In addition to the two letters of reference above, an additional letter of reference must be completed from the Director at the applicant’s previous nursing program.