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Areas of Study: History

Herodotus, the first historian in the Western tradition, documented the Persian invasion of Greece in his book The History, “so that time may not draw the color from what man has brought into being, nor those great and wonderful deeds, manifested both by Greeks and barbarians, fail of their report.”

His successor, Thucydides, in his history of the Peloponnesian Wars, immediately criticized Herodotus for making “many incorrect assumptions” and writing “to meet the taste of an immediate public.”

Thucydides strove for understanding, evidence and evaluation, and to design his writing to last forever, which so far it has.

Deeds, evidence, evaluation, understanding, design, writing, color, humanity in the past and present are the pursuits and interests of historians at Bethel College.

To major in history at Bethel is to enter an academically rigorous, highly personalized educational environment that emphasizes developing strong research and writing skills and exploring ethical and moral questions from a historical perspective. Small classes allow for in-depth discussion as well as one-on-one instruction.

Careers for History Majors: This guide from the American Historical Association describes the many professional opportunities available to students of history. Be sure to check out the association’s ongoing blog series “What to Do with a B.A. in History.”

History Faculty

Mark Jantzen

Mark Jantzen

Professor of History
  • B.A. Bethel College 1985
  • M.A. Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminaries 1993
  • Ph.D. University of Notre Dame 2002
Kip Wedel

Kip Wedel

Assistant Professor of History and Peace Studies
  • B.S. in Business Management McPherson College 1987
  • M.A. Emporia State University 1989
  • Ph.D. Kansas State University 2011