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Areas of Study: Computer Science

Computer science is primarily about finding ways to use the computer to solve problems.

We begin with the fundamentals of computer programming – formulating a real-world problem as one a computer can solve; implementing that solution as a computer program; and verifying that our program does indeed solve and satisfy the original need.

Computer Science is more than Just programming.

As computer scientists, we define what it means for one program to be better or more efficient than another. We study the nature of computation – what kinds of problems can and can’t be solved by a computer. We study information theory – when is it possible to represent real-world objects as a collection of 1s and 0s, and when it is not? We also study how a multitude of computing devices can be built out of an amazingly small set of digital circuits.

Computer science at Bethel focuses primarily on developing programming skills and an understanding of the software development process. Successful students are disciplined thinkers and are comfortable with mathematics.

The Computer Science Minor provides study in Computer Programming, Computer Systems, Data Structures and a practicum. Motivated students may pursue directed studies in advanced topics. Many students pursue computer science as part of a Mathematical Sciences major, while others make computer science part of their interdisciplinary Natural Sciences major or an Individualized Major.

Computer Science Faculty

Karl Friesen

Karl Friesen

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Computer Science
  • B.A. in Mathematics Bethel College 1986
  • M.S. in Computer Science Purdue University 1988
Timothy Frye

Timothy Frye

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
  • B.A. University of Oklahoma
  • M.A. University of Oklahoma
  • Ph.D. University of Oklahoma