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Areas of Study: Clinical and Counseling Studies

If you’re interested in a career in clinical and counseling psychology, community psychology, school psychology or pastoral counseling, a Clinical and Counseling Studies Certificate is for you.

This program is designed to provide a deeper and more interdisciplinary undergraduate foundation for future clinical and counseling work than that usually found in a single helping-professions discipline. You can easily add this certificate to an existing and relevant major such as psychology, social work, education, Bible and religion or business.

In addition, the certificate program helps prepare you for entry into and successful completion of master’s and Ph.D. programs in counseling and psychology.

This program is highly focused, with only five essential courses. It consists of fairly equal parts theory and practice – almost all courses include both.

Below are links to clinical and counseling studies scholarships and careers. Feel free to access either one or both to assist you in your decision-making regarding your professional training after earning the Bachelor’s degree.

Clinical and Counseling Studies Faculty

Ada Schmidt-Tieszen

Ada Schmidt-Tieszen

Professor of Social Work
  • B.A. Bethel College 1974
  • M.S.W. University of Denver 1981
  • Ph.D. University of Kansas 2004
Doug Siemens

Doug Siemens

Associate Professor & Director of Elementary Teacher Education
  • B.A. Bethel College 1984
  • M.A. University of New Mexico 1999
  • Ed.D. Wichita State University 2012