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Coursework for Biology

Major requirements for Biology: 47 hours (30 hours in biology, 16 upper level, plus 17 hours supporting courses in mathematics and the physical sciences).

Major requirements for Biology teacher licensure: 38 hours (21 hours in biology, 8 hours in supporting courses in chemistry and 9 hours required licensure courses) plus completion of General Education requirements for teacher licensure and professional education requirements.

Minor requirements for Biology: 18 hours, including at least three upper-level courses.

The biology curriculum provides a broad-based preparation for graduate study, secondary teaching and programs in medical science and environmentally oriented professions.

A Natural Sciences major is an option if you do not want to commit to a single field of science. This major is available only by request at the end of the sophomore year and must be approved by the department chair. You must complete at least 18 hours in one of the sponsoring departments (athletic training, biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, physics and psychology); 18 hours must be upper-level from the departments listed.