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Bethel has really helped to make me more open-minded, and has also really refined my studying and learning abilities.
Brian Skinner ’12

Would you like to study the Bible in more depth?

Are you interested in other religions as well as your own?

Does history — perhaps especially church history or religious history — fascinate you? Does pastoral ministry appeal to you as a profession?

Maybe you want to spend time figuring out how we should live as responsible and compassionate human beings — in other words, studying ethics. Or perhaps you’d like to explore some of the big questions: Who are we? Who is God? What does life mean? Why does any of this matter?

If these resonate with you, Bible and religion may be an ideal major or minor for you.

Bible and religion is one of the most versatile programs at Bethel College, one that easily combines with study in many other disciplines such as business, history, communication, philosophy, music or biology.

The Bible and religion department offers general education courses, a major or minor in Bible and Religion, a minor in Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies and a certificate in Youth Ministry. The major reflects faculty strengths in the study of Scripture, the emphasis on peace and justice in theology and ethics and the study of the rich traditions in Christian history.

As a student in Bethel’s Bible and religion department, you’ll acquire a broad introduction to the multiple fields of religious studies (biblical study, theology, ethics, world religions, philosophical background, peace studies, practical ministry) in an efficient major of 32 hours. There’s also a high degree of choice within the major, so you can emphasize a particular interest (for example, world religions, ethics or Bible). A strength of Bethel’s Bible and religion program is its emphasis on peace, justice and conflict studies, as well as the Jerusalem Seminar travel course offered every other year.

If you’re interested in pastoral ministry, you might like to explore the field of youth ministry. Bethel offers a 15-credit-hour Youth Ministry certificate. Both this and the Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies minor (17–19 credit hours) could be combined effectively with any major.

Bethel College provides multiple opportunities for you to put your theories and interest in religion, Christian life, peacemaking and ethics into practice.

Bible and Religion Faculty

Patricia Shelly

Patricia Shelly

Professor of Bible and Religion
  • B.A. Bethel College 1976
  • M.Div. Iliff School of Theology 1980
  • Ph.D. Iliff School of Theology/University of Denver 1992