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Cristopher Nelson ’14

What is visual art?

A way to perceive the world. A mode of expressing emotion as old as humanity.

Art is beauty. Art reflects history. Art is commentary on society, economics and/or politics.

As a Bethel College art major, you will both analyze and create art with the help of one-on-one attention from experienced faculty. Exposure to art history, painting, printmaking, ceramics, drawing, sculpture, photography, crafts and graphic design will develop your insights and skills in a variety of artistic expression.

Bethel’s art major encourages a high level of individual initiative. Franz Art Center has studio space that frequently features student work. Senior art majors exhibit their work in the Robert W. Regier Art Gallery’s end-of-the-year show.

You’ll be required to pursue your chosen studio area – ceramics or painting, for example – through at least three courses (beginning, intermediate and advanced). Your senior art exhibit will show your mastery of this area.

At the same time, Bethel’s Common Ground requirements ensure you’ll acquire other knowledge and skills fundamental to a well-rounded liberal arts education. One art graduate wrote and thanked her Bethel faculty because, when she got to graduate school in art therapy at Emporia State University, she found she was well prepared to communicate visually, verbally and in writing.

Art Faculty

Rachel Epp Buller

Rachel Epp Buller

Associate Professor of Visual Art and Design
  • M.F.A. TransArt Institute
  • B.A. Bethel College 1996
  • M.A. University of Kansas 1998
  • Ph.D. University of Kansas 2004
David Long

David Long

Professor of Visual Art and Graphic Design
  • B.A. Conception Seminary College 1985
  • B.A. University of Northern Colorado 1987
  • M.A. University of Colorado 1991
  • M.F.A. Wichita State University 1996
  • M.A. Arizona State University 1998