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Sam Gaeddert ’10

Interterm at Bethel offers unique study opportunities.

During this four-week period in January, intensive on-campus and travel courses are offered to provide you with an alternative approach to learning. Most students take one course and are able to earn up to four credit hours. You may choose to take a class not offered in the regular semester cycles, such as Introduction to Astronomy, Studies in Drama or Energy Choices for Future, or you can select regular catalog courses such as Basic Issues of Faith and Life or Critical Writing. If enrolled in a class on campus, you will most likely meet every day, giving you the opportunity to focus intensely on one subject for an entire month.

If you are interested in traveling to fulfill your cross-cultural requirement, Interterm offers many opportunities. Some past offerings include:

Whether you stay on campus or choose to travel, Interterm provides a break from the regular semester

Check the course listing to see what is being offered during interterm.

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