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Common Ground Distribution

Through Bethel’s general education program, you’ll gain a foundational understanding of the major academic disciplines (including religious studies) and cross-cultural learning. Therefore, graduates of Bethel acquire a basic understanding of academic disciplines in the following areas:

  • science and mathematics
  • social sciences and human services
  • humanities and fine arts

To fulfill this requirement, you may choose from a number of course options in each area. The outcome desired is an understanding of how disciplines in each area acquire and organize facts to form coherent intellectual structures. Both the Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies core requirement and the Cross-Cultural Learning core requirement may fulfill either the distribution requirement in the area in which the course is offered, or meet a major requirement.

Select two courses from different departments in each of the following three areas:

  • Science and mathematicsbiology, chemistry, mathematics
  • Social sciences and human serviceseconomics, health and physical education, history, psychology, social science, social work
  • Arts and humanitiesart, communication arts, English, music, philosophy

Currently-approved General Education distribution courses

Science and mathematics courses

  • BIO110 Environmental Science
  • BIO115 Animal Behavior
  • BIO125 Zoology
  • BIO140 Virus
  • BIO130 Botany
  • CHE101 Introduction to Chemistry
  • CHE111 Chemistry I
  • MAT111 Calculus I
  • MAT201 Introduction to Mathematics
  • MAT203 Discrete Mathematics

Social sciences and human services courses

  • ECN211 Macroeconomics
  • HIS111 History of Civilization I
  • HIS112 History of Civilization II
  • HIS221 United States History I
  • HIS222 United States History II
  • HPE245 Personal and Community Health
  • PSY211 General Psychology
  • SSC222 Principles of Sociology
  • SSC235 Introduction to Peace Studies
  • SSC250 Introduction to Conflict Management
  • SSC305 Social and Physical Geography
  • SWK255 Human Sexuality

Arts and humanities courses

  • ART131 Art History I
  • ART133 Art History II
  • ART Art studio courses
  • COA201 Living in Performance
  • COA Theater Practicum
  • LIT123 Nonwestern Literatures
  • LIT231 Studies in Drama
  • LIT241 Studies in Fiction
  • MUS Music ensembles
  • PHI200 General Philosophy
  • PHI361 Topics in Philosophy