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Sharayah Williams ’10

Common Ground Competencies

You acquire and develop basic academic skills through experience. You may gain experience by way of coursework or other avenues but must demonstrate a level of competence in each area in order to graduate. Before enrolling at Bethel, you’ll be evaluated by means of high school or college transcripts, ACT or SAT test scores. You may also elect to take placement exams to determine your requirements for speech, language and mathematics courses at Bethel. Competence in basic academic skills should normally be established as soon after your initial enrollment as possible.

A minimum of 5 hours from the following is required for a bachelor of science degree or 13 hours for a bachelor of arts degree. Refer to the Bethel College catalog for details.

  • Writing competency (Critical Writing or equivalent, 3 hrs)
  • Oral competency (Public Speaking or equivalent, 2-3 hrs)
  • Language competency for B.A. degree (German or Spanish, 8 hrs)
  • Mathematics competency (if needed, additional course, 3 hrs)
  • Fundamentals of study skills competency (if needed, 2 hrs)
  • Fundamental English competency (if needed, 1 hr)