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Bethel has passionate education professors, offering their experiences and knowledge and instilled in me the passion to do the same.
Sharayah Williams ’10

Academic Distinctives

While it’s true you’ll choose a specific field of study, Bethel’s Common Ground will also expose you to a wide range of ideas in ways that help you come to terms with your own beliefs and opinions. You’ll enter the professional world understanding how intellectual pursuits and ethics, learning and faith, research and compassion are all related.

Your Bethel College education will be made up of an eclectic mix of courses that satisfy your interests and fulfill your goals. Interterm enables you to study something out of the ordinary — perhaps somewhere out-of-the-ordinary — before the start of spring semester.

Perhaps you’re passionate about English and psychology and don’t know which to pursue. At Bethel, you don’t have to choose. Our Individualized Major allows you to partner with two advisers to design your own major geared to your specific academic interests.

But college isn’t just about books and lectures

Our experiential learning opportunities — internships, service learning, undergraduate research, study abroad and other creative and professional work experiences — will help you hone your strengths and get the hands-on experience employers look for.