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Aaron Rudeen

Hometown: Osage City, Kansas
Major: Biology and Chemistry
Class: 2013

Aaron Rudeen was accepted at the REU program sponsored by the National Science Foundation at the University of Kansas. This award is very competitive and the rate of acceptance for student applicants is around 18 percent.

Why did you decide to come to Bethel?
Bethel has a very strong tradition in my family. My parents went here, as well as my grandparents, as well as their parents, and probably further back than that! So besides being very accustomed to Bethel and its traditions, what really brought me here was the high standard that Bethel holds its students too. I knew I would be challenged in the classroom, as well as be able to participate in top-notch forensics, choir, and athletic groups. I wanted the many opportunities Bethel provided as well as the challenge I knew it would be both academically and to grow spiritually.
What interested you in majoring in chemistry?
I have always been interested in Science. I knew I wanted to major in science when I got here. Science has always fascinated me, and my goal has always been to get into a career where I can help people by making new discoveries that have yet to be made.
What were some of your favorite classes at Bethel?
While I do love all of my science classes, some of my favorite classes have been outside the science center. Concert choir for one has been an amazing experience that I will not soon forget. I also really enjoyed both my History of Civilization class as well as my Intro to Biblical Studies class. It is amazing how much I did not know that I thought I did! And of course, zoology was pretty cool because of how many crazy animals you get to dissect!
What was your reaction when you found out you were accepted at the REU program at KU?
When I saw I had an email from KU, my heat started pounding so hard against my chest I thought it was going to explode. When I read that the first line said We are very pleased to offer you a position… I could not have been more excited! I immediately called probably 5-10 people with the news.
Tell us more about the REU position
REU stands for Research Experience Undergraduate. The title of the research project that I will be doing is Structure-function study of lysyl oxidase-family of proteins in breast cancer metastasis. My adviser will be Prof. Minae Mure. Basically, we will be looking at a specific family of proteins that have an effect on the metastasis (or spread) of cancer cells to other cells. The roles of these proteins are currently undefined, so we are hoping to lay some groundwork for understanding the functions of the lysyl oxidase family of proteins that may one day provide new therapeutic agents in the fight against metastatic breast cancer.
What does being a Thresher mean to you?
It means being someone who is very focused on community, and putting others above self. It means working as hard as you can to achieve whatever goals you set, and having the support system to help you reach those goals. It means not being afraid to set a high standard for myself, and to not be discouraged or intimidated by anything.

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