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Fall 2009

August 31

  • Formal opening of school: “We Don’t Need No Education”
    • Brad Born, Vice President for Academic Affairs

September 4

  • Introduction to convocation and new faculty

September 7

  • "A Wild Strawberry Conspiracy"
    • John Sheriff, Interim President, Bethel College

September 11

  • "Love, Sex and HIV/AIDS: Stories of Heartbreak and Courage Amidst a Resource-Starved Reality"
    • Joanna Hiebert Bergen, HIV/AIDS Program Coordinator for Mennonite Central Committee

September 14

  • Student Senate Convocation and Club Fair

September 18

  • Looking Back on America from Abroad: "Reflections from Study-Abroad Students"

September 21

  • "Dead Man Walking: The Journey Continues"
    • Sister Helen Prejean, Author of Dead Man Walking: An Eyewitness Account of the Death Penalty in the United States

September 25

  • "World Café: A Community Exercise"
    • Chad Childs, Vice President for Student Life, Facilitator

September 28

  • "Honors Convocation: Social Work Narratives: Privilege, Responsibility and Turning Points"
    • Ada Schmidt-Tieszen, Professor of Social Work and Recipient of the Ralph P. Schrag Distinguished Teaching Award, 2009

October 2

  • Fall Festival Convocation: "The Free Staters," a quartet performing fun, fast-paced, popular music from 1850s America on period instruments

October 5

  • Undergraduate Research, Internships and Creative Activity (URICA) reports

October 9

  • "The Fall of the Wall"
    • Mark Jantzen, Associate Professor of History

October 12

  • "Thinking the Unthinkable: Let’s Create a National Individual Healthcare Identifier"
    • Barry Hieb, M.D., Chief Scientist, Global Patient Identifiers, Inc., Tucson, Ariz.

October 16

  • Rev. Reuben Eckels, Pastor, New Day Christian Church

October 26

  • "Opening Up a Can of Beans"
    • Chad Childs, Vice President for Student Life

October 30

  • "Quiet Riots: Mennonites, Black and Latino/a Identity, and the Politics of Interracial Alliances"
    • Felipe Hinojosa, Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University

November 2

  • Menno Simons Lecture: "Entering Whitman’s America: A Theopoetics Of Public Life"
    • Scott Holland, Associate Professor of Theology & Culture, Director of Peace Studies at Bethany Theological Seminary, Richmond, Ind., and Lead Minister of Monroeville Church of the Brethren, Pittsburgh

November 6

  • "Flood the Luminous Body: Erin Coleman-Cruz Shares Experiences of Integrating Art into Life"
    • Erin Coleman-Cruz, Northern Illinois University Art Museum, DeKalb

November 9

  • Staley Lecture: "A View from the Underside: The Legacy of Dietrich Bonhoeffer"
    • Al Staggs, D.M., Performing Artist

November 13

  • "Welcoming the Stranger at the Door: My Experience in Refugee Resettlement in the United States"
    • Karrie Peterson, Graduate Student in Social Work, Washington University, St. Louis, former employee with Interfaith Refugee and Immigration Services (Chicago) and International Rescue Committee (Washington, D.C.)

November 16

  • "What Christians Should Know about Judaism"
    • Patricia Shelly, Professor of Bible and Religion

November 20

  • "Giving Jesus a Bad Name: Christian Responses to Westboro Baptist Church’s Military Funeral Protests"
    • Rebecca Barrett-Fox, Ph.D. Candidate in American Studies, University of Kansas, Lawrence

November 23

  • "The Darwinian Revolution: The Perspective after 150 Years"
    • Jon Piper, Professor of Biology

December 7

  • "What Christians Should Know about Islam"
    • Patricia Shelly, Professor of Bible and Religion

December 11

  • "Messiah" sing

Spring 2009

February 6

  • "A Conversation on Racial Profiling"
    • Kevin Myles, President, Wichita Branch, NAACP

February 9

  • "The Conflict in Gaza: Perspectives from the Jerusalem Seminar"
    • Jerusalem Seminar participants

February 13

  • "Weathering an Economic Downturn in Kansas: More Taxes or Less Spending?"
    • Duane Goossen, Director, Division of the Budget, State of Kansas, Topeka

February 16

  • "“I Am Not a Social Activist,”"
    • Ron Sider, President, Evangelicals for Social Action, Eastern University, St. David’s, Pennsylvania

February 20

  • "Awakening from the Spell of Hypnotic Consumerism"
    • Darryl Dahlheimer, Program Director, Lutheran Social Services Financial Counseling Service, Minneapolis, Minnesota

February 23

  • Bethel Jazz Band

February 27

  • Study Abroad/Interterm Travel reports

March 2

  • David Munnelly Band

March 6

  • Staley Lecture: "Living as an Ordinary Radical"
    • Shane Claiborne, founding member of The Simple Way faith community and author of "The Irresistible Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radical"

March 9

  • "Conflict and Rape in the Congo: Women Struggling for Peace"
    • Sara Reschly, former staff member, Christian Peacemaker Teams, Chicago, Illinois

March 13

  • "The Importance of Identity in a World of Diversity"
    • Margaret (Cynthia) Peacock, Kolkata, India; Tigist Tesfaye, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Bert Lobe, St. Jacob’s, Ontario, Canada; Global Church Advocates, Mennonite World Conference

March 16

  • Young Alumni Award convocation: Creating Change for the Health Care of Tomorrow
    • Jennifer Scott Koontz, M.D., Via Christi Sports Medicine, Wichita

March 20

  • "Dealing with the Challenges; A Contrarian Agrarian’s View of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Godliness"
    • Ken King, founder of Jako, Inc., an organic and sustainable agriculture farm near Hutchinson

April 6

  • "Affirming the Conservative Voice in Convocation: An Attempt at Conversation"

April 17

  • "Common Ground Among the Abrahamic Faiths"
    • Jerald Dirks, Clinical Psychologist (ret.)

April 20

  • Student Senate convocation

April 24

  • "The Sword, the Diamond, the Mirror & Me"
    • Balbir Mathur, President, Trees for Life, Wichita

April 27

  • C. Henry Smith Oratorical Contest

May 1

  • "Jazz, Image, Story: The Language of Faith"
    • Duane Friesen, Professor Emeritus of Bible and religion; Jim Mininger, president of Lithuania Christian College (ret.)
    • Vern Rempel, Pastor, First Mennonite Church, Denver, Colorado

May 4

  • "Breaking Plowshares into Peaces"
    • Neal Eash, Associate Professor & Soil Scientist, Department of Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee

May 8

  • "Yes We Can: Creating Change through Personal Action"
    • Jyothi Bathina, Mount Saint Mary College, Newburgh, New York

May 11

  • Awards Convo

Fall 2008

September 1

  • "Animal House/Bethel"
    • Brad Born, Vice-President for Academic Affairs

September 5

  • Introduction to Convocation and new Faculty and Staff

September 8

  • "Differentiate Yourself"
    • Barry Bartel, President, Bethel College

September 12

  • "At What Cost? Patterns of Alcohol Use, Abuse, and Addiction Among College Students and Responsible Responses"
    • Chad Childs, Director, Regional Prevention Center of South Central Kansas at Mirror, Inc., Newton, Kansas

September 15

  • "Never Ignore, Never Forget: A 1,300-Mile Relay Against Genocide"
    • Matthew Heck & Michael Gurley, seniors at Wichita East High School, Wichita, Kansas
    • Aaron Gurley, sophomore, Friends University, Wichita, Kansas

September 19

  • "Encountering “Enemy Combatants”; Photographing Guantanamo Detainees."
    • Travis Heying, Photographer, The Wichita Eagle, Wichita, Kansas

September 22

  • Student Senate Convocation and Club Fair

September 26

  • A Castle on the Prairie: Bethel’s Old Main in Word and Image
    • Robert Regier, Professor emeritus of Art
    • Keith Sprunger, Oswald H. Wedel Professor Emeritus of History

September 29

  • Honors Convocation: "Social Networking, Social Undoing?"
    • Christine Crouse-Dick, Assistant Professor of Communication Arts, 2008 Ralph P. Schrag Distinguished Teacher Award recipient

October 3

  • "Gas Pump Panic: Science, Energy, and the Environment in the Arctic"
    • Stan Senner, Executive Director, Audubon Alaska, Anchorage, Alaska

October 6

  • Dinner (Or, A Deranged Event Staged in a Theoretical Mansion, in Which Time and History Have Been Grossly Suspended and What We Know as the Laws of Physics Wildly Subverted, Conducted as an Inquiry into the Genius of Madness and the Art of the Faux Pas, and Having as a First Course to be Served to a Cast of Sixteen Eccentrics a Dish of Carrot Cabbage Salad Meant to Tickle Every Palate)
    • Chris Janzen, Art Faculty, Fresno Pacific University
    • Jesse Nathan, Freelance Writer and Cultural Critic, Berkeley, California

October 10

  • "Promoting Change: Engaging Allies and Bystanders in Preventing Sexual Violence"
    • Mary Stolz, Coordinator of Program services
    • Horace Santry, Community Outreach Coordinator, Wichita Area Sexual Assault Center, Wichita, Kansas

October 13

  • "Considering The Sacred Cosmos"
    • Terence Nichols, Professor of Theology, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota

October 24

  • "Hope Rises from the Ashes of My Lai"
    • Mike Boehm, Executive Director for Madison Quakers, Inc., Madison, Wisconsin

October 27

  • "A Conversation with the Author of Don’t Let Me Be Lonely"
    • Claudia Rankine, Pomona College, Claremont, California

October 31

  • "The Science of Sleep"
    • CBS 60 Minutes and staff from Wichita Clinic-Bethel Sleep Medicine Clinic

November 3

  • Menno Simons lecture: "The Prophetic Political Dissent of the Anabaptists: Then and Now"
    • James Stayer, Professor Emeritus of History, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

November 7

  • "Is Diversity Enough? Christians and Difficult Conversations about Race"
    • Regina Shands Stolzfus, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Goshen College, Goshen, Indiana

November 10

  • "True Encounters: Are We Ready to Learn from People of Other Cultures?"
    • James R. Krabill, senior executive for global ministries, Mennonite Mission Network

November 14

  • "From Scalpels to Sequencers: Reflections on Fifty Years of Change in the Biological Sciences"
    • Wayne Wiens, Professor of Biology

November 17

  • "Higher Learning Commission Accreditation review"
    • HLC Self-Study Steering Committee

November 24

  • "A Woodwind Clinic"
    • The Lieurance Woodwind Quintet, Wichita State University, Wichita, Kansas

December 1

  • "Is It God’s Universe?"
    • Owen Gingerich, Professor Emeritus of Astronomy and the History of Science, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts

December 8

  • "The Wonderful World of Chemistry"
    • Gary Histand, Professor of Chemistry

December 12

  • "Messiah" Sing

Spring 2008

February 8

  • "Introduction to Convocation"
    • Dale Schrag, convocation coordinator
  • "Things I’ve Learned While Serving"
    • Hannah Klaassen, Jewish Vocational Services and Catholic Charities Colunteer, Kansas City, Kansas
    • Dan Regier, Community Home Repair Projects of Arizona Volunteer, Tucson, Arizona

February 11

  • "Bethel College: More Than You’ll Ever Know"
    • Arthur Marks, 2008 Young Alumnus Award Winner

February 15

  • "The Greatest Stories Never Told: A Lecture/Concert"
    • John McCutcheon, noted folk singer and instrumentalist

February 18

  • "The Bethel College Presence at the Kansas Music Educators’ Association Annual Meeting"
    • Bethel College Concert Choir, Bethel College Jazz Ensemble I, Bethel College Jazz Combo

February 22

  • Study abroad reports

February 25

  • Staley Lecture: "Digital Christianity: How Technology and Media Are Shaping Faith. Presentation 1: The Electronic Gospel: Why Changing the Methods Always Changes the Message"
    • Shane Hipps, pastor, Trinity Mennonite Church, Glendale, Arizona

February 29

  • At What Price Security? A Case of Mistaken Identity
    • Brandon Mayfield

March 3

  • "Hollywood, the Honeybee, and Small-Town Kansas"
    • Brent Barkman, chairman of the board of Golden Heritage Foods, Hillsboro, Kansas

March 7

  • "Up Close and Personal"
    • The Wailin’ Jennys, Canadian folk music trio

March 10

  • "Until It’s Gone–Ending Poverty in Our Nation, in Our Lifetime"
    • Scott Miller, Co-Founder and CEO of Move the Mountain Leadership Center, Ames, Iowa

March 14

  • "Mexican-American Lowriders: The Space of Culture in Everyday Life"
    • Benjamin Chappell, Assistant Professor of American Studies, University of Kansas

March 17

  • "Perennial Wheat Breeding Via Chromosome Mapping"
    • Matt Arterburn, Assistant professor of Biology, Washburn University, Topeka, Kansas

March 24

  • Multicultural Club convocation

March 28

  • "Mennonites and the Military: Bridging the Gap"
    • Tim Huber and Michael Sharp, Military Counseling Network, Bammental, Germany

April 7

  • "The Sapphire Trio: A Persian Gulf Tour"
    • Margaret Baldridge, violin
    • Maxine Ramey, clarinet
    • Jody Graves, piano

April 11

  • “Mommy, Where Do Scholarships Come From?”, The Bethel College Development Team
    • Sondra Koontz, Vice President for Advancement
    • Fred Goering, Director of Development
    • Toby Tyner, Associate Director of Development

April 14

  • "Sexual Assault: Is It Really All About Power and Control?"
    • Diana Schunn, Executive Director, Child Advocacy Center of Sedgwick County

April 18

  • "The Anatomy of Coincidence"
    • Matt Kaiser, University of Kansas School of Medicine student, Kansas City, Kansas

April 21

  • Student Senate convocation

April 25

  • "What’s a Thresher? Remembering Bethel’s Symbolic History"
    • John Thiesen, Director of the Mennonite Library and Archives

April 28

  • "The Anatomy of Coincidence"
    • Matt Kaiser, University of Kansas School of Medicine student, Kansas City, Kansas

May 5

  • "The Mexican-American Community in Newton"
    • Ray Olais, Newton High School Art Faculty

May 9

  • "Mozart, Mary, and the Magnificat"
    • William Eash, Professor of Music

May 12

  • Awards Convocation

Fall 2007

August 27

  • "Omnes supervenientes hospites tamquam Christus suscipiantur; Or, ’A Separate Kitchen’"
    • Brad Born, Vice President for Academic Affairs

August 31

  • Introduction to convocation and new faculty & staff

September 3

  • "Find Your Space"
    • Barry Bartel, President, Bethel College

September 7

  • Student Senate Convocation and Club Fair

September 10

  • "Living Among the Ayatollahs: Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) in Iran"
    • David and Linda Kusse-Wolfe, Quaker clergy studying at the Imam Khomeini Institute in Qom, Iran (MCC Exchange Program)

September 14

  • "From Bethel to Big Bird; A Broadcaster’s Journey"
    • Jesse Huxman, Director of Content, KPTS, Wichita

September 17

  • "The Second Mile: Reflections on My Friendship with Gen. David Petraeus"
    • John C. Murray, Pastor, Hesston (Kan.) Mennonite Church

September 24

  • "From Bombs to Classics: the Curious History of the Great Books Idea"
    • Daniel Born, Vice President for Post-Secondary programs, The Great Books Foundation, and Editor, The Common Review

September 28

  • "Everything I Needed or Wanted to Know I Learned From Football"
    • George Rogers, former Bethel College Defensive Coordinator, Athletic Director, and Dean of Students, now Corporate Treasurer, Whitewing Construction, Newton

October 1

  • Honors Convocation: "The Promise of Digital Media: Resources for Scholarship"
    • Dwight Krehbiel, Professor of Psychology, and recipient of the 2007 Julius A. and Agatha Dyck Franz Community Service Award

October 5

  • "Understanding Jazz: An American Art Form"
  • Ben Markley, Doctoral Candidate in Jazz Studies, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado
  • Robert McCurdy, Former Director of Jazz Studies, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho
  • James Pisano, Assistant Professor of Music, Bethel College

October 8

  • "Choices"
    • Col. Peter Garibaldi, Chief of Staff, 3rd Medical Command, U.S. Army

October 12

  • "Not What You Say, But How You Say It"
    • Nathan Regier, Director of Process Solutions, Prairie View

October 19

  • "No “End of Time”: A Window Into the Native American Worldview"
    • Raylene Hinz-Penner, Washburn University, Topeka

October 22

  • "Master for Us All: the Mathematics of Leonhard Euler (1707-1783)"
    • Edward Sandifer, Professor of Mathematics, Western Connecticut State University, Danbury, Connecticut

October 26

  • "Know Why You Do What You Do"
    • Jeff King, LCSW, Prairie View

October 29

  • Menno Simons Lecture: "Flour and Yeast"
    • Rudy Wiebe, award-winning Canadian novelist

November 2

  • Cluster Munitions Survivors’ Tour
    • Bassam Chamoun, Ansar, South Lebanon
    • Sida Douangtasivilai, Ban Hay, Xieng Khouang Province, Laos
    • Raed Mokaled, Nabetiah, Lebanon
    • Phounsy Phasavaeng, Sekong Province, Laos

November 5

  • "Flannery O’Connor, Writer for Wingless Chickens"
    • L. Lamar Nisly, Professor of English, Bluffton (Ohio) University

November 9

  • Bethel College Talent Show

November 12

  • Undergraduate research reports

November 16

  • "Green Chemistry"
    • Gary Histand, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Bethel College

November 19

  • "The Lure of Conspiracy and the Boredom of History: The Kennedy Assassination Revisited"
    • William Juhnke, Professor of History, Graceland University, Lamoni, Iowa

November 26

  • "Spoken Among the Trees–A Poetry Reading"
    • Jeff Gundy, Professor of English, Bluffton (Ohio) University

November 30

  • "An African Perspective", by Bethel Students
    • Samuel Bankole
    • Sennai Fiseha
    • Yenikah Fon
    • Judith Lusenaka
    • Rachel Maingu
    • Patricia Ngigi

December 3

  • "The Convergence of Cultures: On the Road from Zaporozhye to Khiva"
    • Sharon Eicher, Associate Professor of Business and Economics
    • James Juhnke, Professor Emeritus of History

December 7

  • Messiah Sing

Spring 2007

February 2

  • "Promoting and Protecting the Health of the Public: Practicing Toxicology at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration"
    • Peter Goering, Research Toxicologist, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

February 5

  • "Introduction to Convocation"
    • Dale Schrag, Convocation Coordinator

February 5

  • "Introduction to The Bethel College Project"
    • John Sheriff, Executive Vice President for Institutional Development

February 9

  • Interterm Travel Reports

February 12

  • "Systemic Racism in Education"
    • Conrad Moore, Damascus Road Trainer

February 16

  • "Why Wages Don’t Fall During a Recession"
    • Truman Bewley, Dean of Graduate Studies, Economics, Yale University

February 19

  • "Taking Risks: Christian Faith and Politics"
    • Gilberto Flores, Denominational Minister, Mennonite Church USA

February 23

  • Multicultural Club convocation

February 26

  • "Racial/Ethnic Differences in Health: 10 Key Facts"
    • Arneatha Martin, Co-Founder of Wichita’s Center for Health and Wellness

March 2

  • "Report from Iran"
    • Patricia Shelly, Professor of Bible & Religion, and member of U.S. Religious Iran Delegation representing Mennonite Church USA

March 5

  • "Sacrifice Honored and Remembered"
    • Karen Ross Epp, Author of "With Love Stan: A Soldier’s Letters from Vietnam to the World"

March 9

  • "Protecting Your Personal Information: An Introduction to Encryption"
    • Susan Loepp ’89, the 2007 Bethel College Young Alumnus Award Recipient and Associate Professor of Mathematics, Williams College, Williamstown, Mass.

March 12

  • "Understanding Afro-Cuban Music and Its Influences on American Music"
    • Ryan Korb, Afro-Cuban percussionist, University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point

March 16

  • Study Abroad Reports

March 26

  • "Belgrade from the Air"
    • Djordje Maricic, Senior from Belgrade, Serbia
    • Mark Jantzen, Associate Professor of History

March 30

  • "Communists, Gringos, Farm Workers, Chicanos: The Troubled Worlds of Cesar Chavez"
    • Felipe Hinojosa, Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Houston

April 2

  • "The Truth About the World-Famous DOVE Campaign: A Look Behind the Ad Agency Scenes from Ogilvy Düsseldorf/Germany"
    • Joachim Strate, managing director, Ogilvy and Mather, Düsseldorf, Germany

April 9

  • C. Henry Smith lecture contest

April 13

  • Forensics road show

April 16

  • Staley Lecture: "Stories from the Street," Jimmy Rienzo, street musician, Denver, Colo.

April 20

  • Student Senate convocation

April 23

  • "Two Prairie Tales: A Story of Manipulation and a Story of Restoration"

Jon Piper, Professor of Biology

April 27

  • "Making the A-List"

April 30

  • International student convocation

May 4

  • "Carmina Burana"
    • William Eash, Professor of Music

May 7

  • Academy Award Shorts
    • Sondra Koontz Vice President for Advancement

May 11

  • Awards Convocation

Fall 2006

  • Aug. 28: Formal opening of school — "Called Out, Called In and Called Forth," Brad Born, Interim Dean and Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Sept. 1: Introduction to convocation; introduction to new faculty
  • Sept. 4: "Walking Away from Happy Valley," John Sheriff, nterim president
  • Sept. 8: "Ethical Dilemmas in Sport," D. Stanley Eitzen, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Colorado State University
  • Sept. 11: Student Senate convocation
  • Sept. 18: "Reflections on Right Remembering: The Case of Michael Sattler," Dale Schrag, director of church relations
  • Sept. 22: "History Held Hostage: The Agony of the Middle East," Father Bob Layne, Rector, St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, Newton
  • Sept. 25: "Islam and Media in America," Dr. Nabil Seyam, head of Islamic School in Wichita
  • Oct. 2: Honors convocation — "Come With Me: Journeys in Music and Emotion," Karen Bauman Schlabaugh, Professor of Music
  • Oct. 6: Fall Fest convocation — "A Bethel College Talent Show"
  • Oct. 9: "Meet Your New President," Barry Bartel, President
  • Oct. 20: "Walk a Mile in My Shoes: An Immigration Story," Nayely Arreola, Student, Fresno Pacific University, Fresno, California
  • Oct. 23: "The Sounds of Silence: A Solesmes Sabbatical," William Eash, Professor of music
  • Oct. 27: A Dialogue on Immigration
  • Nov. 3: "Fairness in the Fields," Josh Chittum, Oxfam CHANGE Leader
  • Nov. 6: Bible Lecture — "Slavery, Sabbath, War and Women Revisited," Willard Swartley, Professor Emeritus of New Testament, Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary, Elkhart, Indiana
  • Nov. 10: " ’Los Angeles at its Best’: The daKAH Hip Hop Orchestra, Public Concerts, and the Production of a Multicultural Urban Public," Marina Peterson, Assistant Professor, School of Interdisciplinary Arts, Ohio University, Athens Ohio
  • Nov. 13: "Chosen: Biblical Texts, Group Identity and Peacemaking," Rich Meyer, Palestine Project Support Coordinator, Christian Peacemaker Teams
  • Nov. 20: Business Ethics Class
  • Nov. 27: "Dubious Angels: Poems After Paul Klee," Keith Ratzlaff, Professor of English, Central College, Pella, Iowa
  • Dec. 4: Undergraduate Research Reports
  • Dec. 8: Messiah Sing — Bethel College Mennonite Church

Spring 2006

  • Feb. 3: "A New Beginning"
  • Feb. 6: John Sheriff, "Bethel’s Hedgehof Concept"
  • Feb. 10: Interterm Travel Reports
  • Feb. 13: Lawrence Hart, "Reconciliation at the Washita"
  • Feb. 17: Julie Hart, "The War on Terrorism and Drugs in Colombia: Perspectives on the Ground"
  • Feb. 20: "Sex Signals"
  • Feb. 24: Braden Dragomir, "A Closer Walk"
  • Feb. 27: "Sticks and Stones: A Conversation about Our Conversations"
  • Mar. 6: Duane Goossen, "How Kansas Spends Your Money"
  • Mar. 10: Mark McCormick, "Why Are We So Poor?"
  • Mar. 13: Suzanne Wedel, "One If by Air; Two If by Land! Critical Care Transport: From Chaos to Collaboration"
  • Mar. 17: Cynthia Peacock and Twila Miller, "Being Christian in a Multi-religious Culture: How Does/Should One Respond to the Caste System, Arranged Marriages, the Dowry System, etc.?"
  • Mar. 27: Young Alumnus Award recipients
  • Mar. 31: Philip D. Gingerich, "Evolution: The Fossil Record and the Origin of Whales"
  • Apr. 3: General education discussion reprise
  • Apr. 7: C. Henry Smith oration contest
  • Apr. 10: George M. Marsden, "How ’Otherworldly" Fundamentalism Became Political" (Staley Lecture)
  • Apr. 17: Forensics Road Show
  • Apr. 24: "A Conversation about the Death Penalty"
  • Apr. 28: International student convocation
  • May 1: Music Department convocation
  • May 5: "A Book That Made a Difference"
  • May 8: David Long, pottery demonstration
  • May 12: Awards Convocation

Fall 2005

  • Aug. 29: Formal Opening of School; E. LaVerne Epp, "Mind on Fire"
  • Sept. 2: Introduction to Convocation
  • Sept. 9: Meet the New Faculty
  • Sept. 12: Student Senate Convocation
  • Sept. 16: Kate Brubacher, "The Faces of Suffering: Liberian Widow Refugees"
  • Sept. 19: Paul Lewis, "The Promise and Peril of Cognitive Mediation in Schizophrenia"
  • Sept. 23: Weldon Nisly, "A Mennonite Pastor’s Journey to Becoming a Benedictine Oblate"
  • Sept. 26: John Rempel, "Reality and Illusion at the United Nations: Confessions of a (not so) Innocent Bystander?"
  • Sept. 30: Steve Jones and Friends, Fall Festival Jazz Concert
  • Oct. 3: Brad Born, "The Sports Complex: A Call to Play"
  • Oct. 7: J. Fred Humphrey, "Self-Interest and the Common Good"
  • Oct. 10: Dwight Krehbiel, "Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity"
  • Oct. 14: Robb Davis, "Faith and Malaria"
  • Oct. 17: Palden Gyatso, Tibetan Buddhist monk, "Transforming Suffering into Compassion"
  • Oct. 21: Matthew Schrag, "The Mathematics of an Airline"
  • Oct. 28: Larry Friesen and Ada Schmidt-Tieszen, "Living on the Margins: Getting by in the U. S."
  • Oct. 31: Jaime Adrián Prieto Dalladares, "The Abundance of Oral Tradition in the Construction of Anabaptist History" (Menno Simons Lecture)
  • Nov. 4: C. R. Snyder, "Is Hope a Good Thing?"
  • Nov. 7: Student forum on General Education Review
  • Nov. 11: Larry Rasmussen, "God and Earth: The Everlasting Covenant"
  • Nov. 14: Thanks for the Memories: Farewell to E. LaVerne Epp
  • Nov. 18: Bethel College Unplugged
  • Nov. 21: Jo Becker, "Children as Weapons of War"
  • Nov. 28: Open Road (men’s octet)
  • Dec. 5: John McCabe-Juhnke, "Monday Morning Live"
  • Dec. 9: Christmas Gala

Spring 2005

  • Feb. 4: Program Review Team, "Program Review Review"
  • Feb. 7: Robert Regier, "Visual Journeys, Visual Voices"
  • Feb. 11: Interterm Travel Reports
  • Feb. 14: Poetry Festival
  • Feb. 18: Jim Wallis, "Peacemaking in Hard Times"
  • Feb. 21: Felipe Hinojosa, "Chicana/o Spaces: Race, Power, and Resistance in Greater Mexico"
  • Feb. 25: Diana Schunn, "The Real CSI and Its Effects on Sexual Assault"
  • Feb. 28: Howard J. Shipp, Jr., "Black History: The Best of Times, the Worst of Times"
  • Mar. 4: "An Exercise in Shaping the Cross-Cultural Future of Bethel College General Education"
  • Mar. 7: Kathryn Kasper and Merle Schlabaugh, "Opera Excerpts: A Faustian Adventure"
  • Mar. 11: "A Conversation with Pres. LaVerne Epp
  • Mar. 14: Forensics Road Show
  • Mar. 18: Loren Larson, "A Celebration of Mathematics at Bethel: Fortieth Anniversary of the Putnam ’Win’"
  • Mar. 21: Raylene Hinz-Penner and Lawrence Hart, "Finding Sacred Ground: Lawrence Hart’s Journey"
  • Apr. 4: Jalane Schmidt, "From ’Witchcraft’ to ’Folklore’: Racial and Religious Hybridity in Afro-Cuban Religions"
  • Apr. 8: Forum Theater
  • Apr. 11: Eric Massanari, "On Belay: Lessons Learned at the End of My Rope"
  • Apr. 15: David Long, "The Art of the Apocalypse"
  • Apr. 18: R. Bruce Woods, "Living Life beyond the Warranty"
  • Apr. 22: William Eash, "Requiem aeternam"
  • Apr. 25: Student Senate
  • Apr. 29: Lee Lever and Doug Luginbill, "The Marriage Amendment: Two Pastoral Perspectives"
  • May 2: C. Henry Smith Peace Oration Contest winners
  • May 6: Bethel College Dance Ensemble, "The Dance of Oz"
  • May 9: Sondra Koontz, "Academy Award Shorts"
  • May 13: Awards Convocation

About Bethel

As the first Mennonite college founded in North America, Bethel College celebrates a tradition of progressive Christian liberal arts education, diversity within community, and lifelong learning.