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Bethel people are passionate – about academics, music, forensics, sports, work, art, worship, service, conversation. Everyone here is passionate about something, usually several things.
— Allison Boehm, ’09

Directory (S-Z)

Margaret Sawatzky

Voth Hall Custodian

Siobhan Scarry

Visiting Assistant Professor of Literary Studies
Ext: 240
Phone: 316-284-5240

Karen Schlabaugh

Professor of Music
Ext: 269
Phone: 316-284-5269

Merle Schlabaugh

Adjunct Professor of German
Ext: 336
Phone: 316-284-5336

Matthew Schloneger

Adjunct Instructor of Music

Andrew Schmidt

Admissions Counselor
Ext: 315
Phone: 316-284-5315

Carmen Schmidt

Data Entry Clerk
Ext: 359
Phone: 316-284-5359

Darrel Schmidt

Ext: 254
Phone: 316-284-5254

Jane Schmidt

Enrollment Activities Coordinator
Ext: 364
Phone: 316-284-5364

Katy Schmidt

Sand Creek Trail Assistant

Kay Schmidt

Associate Registrar
Ext: 285
Phone: 316-284-5285

Kristin Schmidt

Museum Assistant, Accounts Payable Clerk
Ext: 348
Phone: 316-284-5348

Rod Schmidt

Maintenance Staff
Ext: 254
Phone: 316-284-5254

Ada Schmidt-Tieszen

Professor of Social Work
Ext: 352
Phone: 316-284-5352

Bobbi Schrag

Instructor of Nursing
Ext: 396
Phone: 316-284-5396

Margo Schrag

Bookstore Clerk
Ext: 205
Phone: 316-284-5205

Christy Schunn-Sebes

Adjunct Instructor of Social Work
Ext: 312
Phone: 316-284-5312

Timothy Shade

Assistant Professor of Music
Ext: 264
Phone: 316-284-5264

Kristin Shaffer

Adjunct Instructor of Flute

Patricia Shelly

Professor of Bible and Religion
Ext: 318
Phone: 316-284-5318

John Sheriff

Ernest E. Leisy Prof. Emeritus of English, Estate Planning Assoc
Ext: 276
Phone: 316-284-5276

Kent Sheriff

Custodial Staff
Ext: 254
Phone: 316-284-5254

Michelle Sheriff

Custodial Staff
Ext: 831
Phone: 316-284-5831

Doug Siemens

Assistant Professor of Education
Ext: 256
Phone: 316-284-5256

Gail Stucky

Co-Director of Libraries
Ext: 363
Phone: 316-284-5363

Marike Stucky

Kauffman Museum Assistant

Sandra Thies

Adjunct Professor of Education
Ext: 243
Phone: 316-284-5243

Barbara Thiesen

Co-Director of Libraries
Ext: 300
Phone: 316-284-5300

John Thiesen

Co-Director of Libraries
Ext: 360
Phone: 316-284-5360

Lisa Thimm

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Ext: 294
Phone: 316-284-5294

Pamela Tieszen

Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Ext: 349
Phone: 316-284-5349

Paige Townley

Resident Director, Coordinator of First-Year Success
Ext: 369
Phone: 316-284-5369

Anthony Turini

Head Women's Soccer Coach
Ext: 299
Phone: 316-284-5299

Geraldine Tyrell

Director, Department of Nursing
Ext: 340
Phone: 316-284-5340

Fred Unruh

Maintenance Staff
Ext: 254
Phone: 316-284-5254

Michael Unruh

Admissions Counselor
Ext: 236
Phone: 316-284-5236

Richard Walker

Adjunct Instructor of Social Science

Kenneth Ward

Adjunct Instructor of Yearbook
Ext: 398
Phone: 316-284-5398

Dan Wassink

KIPCOR Senior Mediator
Ext: 880
Phone: 316-284-5880

Janet Weaver

Adjunct Instructor of Education

Allen Wedel

Vice President for Business Affairs
Ext: 242
Phone: 316-284-5242

Kip Wedel

Assistant Professor of History
Ext: 355
Phone: 316-284-5355

Shoshana Wernick

Adjunct Instructor of Psychology
Ext: 258
Phone: 316-284-5258

Christopher Westover

Director of Instrumental Music
Ext: 264
Phone: 316-284-5264

Andrew White

Assistant Football Coach
Ext: 491
Phone: 316-284-5491

Perry White

Ext: 241
Phone: 316-284-5241

Garrett Whorton

Adjunct Instructor of Health and Physical Education

Hamilton Williams

Associate Professor of Social Work
Ext: 244
Phone: 316-284-5244

Juli Ann Winter

Adjunct Instructor of Social Work

Paulette Wollenhaupt

Assistant Professor of Nursing
Ext: 394
Phone: 316-284-5394

Julia Zahn

Adjunct Clinical Instructor of Nursing
Ext: 365
Phone: 316-284-5365

Kirsten Zerger

KIPCOR Director of Education and Training
Ext: 882
Phone: 316-284-5882

Lijun Zhu

Adjunct Instructor of Chinese

Melanie Zuercher

Writer and Editor
Ext: 247
Phone: 316-284-5247